Fauxtography Of The Day: Tool And The Toys Edition


Meet Jürgen Todenhöfer, German executive, author and former politician.

He is also a hater of Israel, as evidenced by this Facebook post of his.


Notice anything strange about the photo?

Yep, you guessed it (or not). Those toys look mighty clean next to all of that rubble. And what a coincidence all of them happen to be on top, readily photograph-able.

Which suggests that they were placed there after the fact to make the photo look more poignant (by no means a new trick).

I suspect Herr Todenhöfer had a part to play in this contrivance.

But the thick plottens. The Epoch Times decided to run with the photo.

In black and white. Despite all their other photos being in color.

black and white photo

One need not guess too hard why that is the case.

Thanks to Frank Schimke-Zacharias (via Adi Ziv) for pointing out the initial deception.

Update: Some comments have drawn my attention to fact the doll really gets around (and repositioned).

doll1 doll2

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