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Russell Brand Legitimizes Hamas Terrorism

Unlike those celebrities who are tweeting Free Palestine without explanation- add singer Selena Gomez to the list – Russell Brand – an English “comedian” most notable for being Katy Perry’s ex husband – has decided to put out a video explaining his thoughts in depth.

More like out of his depth.

I don’t know where to start with this diatribe – it is so full of untruths and moral depravity – but I’ll try.

1:36: Brand characterizes Hamas terrorism as “legitimate” and then speaks of “palestinian sovereignty” as having been agreed since Israel’s establishment, and their borders have been “continuously impeached upon.” No joke.

1:58: Brand stating there have been 230 civilians death on the palestinian side. Besides being highly doubtful, there is no mention of the fact their deaths are the result of being used as human shields by Hamas. But why would he, given he supports Hamas’ tactics?

2:47: Brand mocking the ceasefire deal that Hamas did not agree to, and then suggesting peace deal attempts have failed due to no fault of the palestinians.

3:44: Brand doubting Hamas’ goal is to increase civilian casualties, and then suggesting one way to find out goals of “extremists on either side of the argument” is for the international community to condemn all violence (?) Read the Hamas charter for a start if you are not sure of Hamas’ goals.

4:22: Brand claiming news of the death of the three Israeli boys was deliberately held back and used to build up tension and conflict.

4:57: Brand again denying Hamas are a terrorist group and then speaking of those “powerful lobbying groups” representing Israel’s interests in American politics.

You may be asking why should we even care what Brand says? He has close to 8 million Twitter followers for a start. He represents the “cool” anti-establishment celebrity, which is so appealing to the younger generation.

But he also represents the kind of vacuous, infantile way of thinking about the conflict – even the world – which reduces everything to the oppressed vs powerful.

And to do that, one has to ignore history and morality, just like Brand clearly has.

Not that we could expect more from him.

Update: Brand also tweeted the following:

At that rally, protesters called for Israel’s destruction.

17 thoughts on “Russell Brand Legitimizes Hamas Terrorism”

  1. Free Palestine is the cool thing to say and has a nice ring to it. That explains Selena and Rihanna. But anyone who takes six plus minutes to make a video…

  2. Hellinahandcart

    Funny how our resident Islamist population (led by useful idiots such as Russell Brand) are happy to scream and protest about Israeli ‘atrocities’ whilst completely ignoring the fact that far more Muslims are being murdered on a daily basis by their own.

    Nice to see that he’s going bald though.

    1. Hellinahandcart

      Do yourself a big favour and keep things that way – he is no more than a offensively opinionated buffoon. Typical flyblown leftist comedian.

  3. The audio was pretty bad of Russell Brand going on so I pretty much didn’t follow anything he said. I did hear the Fox News presentation (at least Megyn Kelly’s) of why Americans should care about this latest dust up. “We report, You decide?” More like “This is what you need to think because this is what we’re telling you.” Hamas had nothing to do with 9-11. Obama is arming the terrorists because he (along with the rest of the world) support a Palestinian unity government?!!? The neo-cons are in favor of arming the terrorists fighting in Syria. Give me a break.

  4. It’s so easy to go along with the slander rather than to stand up for the right=Israel. Go ahead Russell-who?, Selena (?), etc. It’s always been super easy and popular to kick Jews, (and the pressure is there to be wrong); they’re a small and easy target, and kind of overachievers-at least some of them. Kind of makes you a bit resentful? Maybe…? You and all of you that go along with this thought malaise show how weak of character/integrity you are. Too bad for the people you love who do hate, that some Jews actually will fight back with an army unlike say 70 years ago, and further when they did not have much of a chance.
    If you feel that now Jews responding in kind to you, and saying bad things about you, or not wanting to deal with you is offensive, what would you expect? Jews will just stay quiet? No more.

  5. Russel Brand should go back to using heroin he was a better person on it. Yea, he’s a twat who works with Jews at work and then advocates killing people who he claims to respect, I’m glad the producers of Californication used a knock-off version instead of this genuine bigot piece of garbage. Do us all a favor and kill yourself you miserable twat.

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