The Answer To My Question: UNRWA Supplies Weapons To Hamas Terrorists

Chris Gunness of UNRWA - from twitter

Chris Gunness of UNRWA – from twitter

Following a simple tweet by a Times of Israel correspondent we first got word that UNRWA, The United Nations Relief and Works Agency, was shocked, SHOCKED! to find terrorist rockets being stored in one of their schools in Gaza.

UNRWA were very quick to try to spin this as the first time it’s ever happened. Well perhaps it’s the first time exactly 20 rockets have been found in that exact school, but it’s pretty clear UNRWA have numerous close relationships with Hamas in Gaza.

They found these via a “routine” inspection in just ONE of their many, many buildings. These buildings are doing double duty right now housing the genuine Arab refugees who have intelligently heeded IDF warnings to leave certain peripheral parts of Gaza.

Immediately I jumped on this tweet and specifically asked UNRWA and it’s spokesperson in the region (who is a virulent Israel hater) Chris Gunness the following obvious question: what did you do with the rockets after you found them?

Clearly these rockets don’t have a peaceful purpose. They cannot be used in defence of Palestinians: they can’t be used to shoot down incoming Israeli smart bombs or even to accurately target the Israeli military. They are ONLY weapons of TERROR. They have only one purpose. To be shot into Israel with the hope that maybe they will kill someone (like the poor Beduoin man who was murdered this weekend and his whole family including two kids injured).

Finally we have an answer. As reported this morning UNRWA gave the rockets to Hamas!

They actually gave murderous weapons to terrorists. During a war. While bleating on about not having enough mattresses or food and pleading for money. Jeez, guys, open up an EBay account, perhaps some terrorists in Syria, Iraq or Ukraine would have paid top dollar for those weapons. Use your heads!

Of course the fact that the entire leadership of Hamas (the ones hiding in bunkers under their civilians) are millionaires and billionaires is immaterial when the UN wants some cash. I doubt Haniyeh will be donating any of the proceeds of his crooked land deals to help his dying people.

But it still remains: UNRWA found terrorist weapons in it’s building (golly gosh what a shock) and instead of doing the responsible thing and preventing them falling back into Hamas’s hands, they handed them back to Hamas. To be “hidden” again. So our soldiers have to risk their lives or our airmen have to risk the lives of Arab children to destroy them. Or, G-d forbid, they get launched at us.

UNRWA and Chris Gunness should be closed and thrown out of Israel. It’s over, let go, just give us the signal, we need to round them up and be done with the lot of them.


Brian of London

Brian of London is not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy. Since making aliyah in 2009, Brian has blogged at Israellycool. Brian is an indigenous rights activist fighting for indigenous people who’ve returned to their ancestral homelands and built great things.

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