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Reader Post: Woe Is Unto Gaza

For immediate translation into Arabic and mega leaflet dump on Gaza, Judea and Samaria in the hope it reaches them at a teachable moment.

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????WOE is unto Gaza. Your women weep. Your children cry and stare wildly, covered in the blood of their siblings. Your old men curse at heaven as their homes lie about them in ruins. Where are your young lions? Those who marched in their coward masks last Rajab? How were you reduced to such dishonor? How did such destruction come upon you?

UNDER your city, like a rat’s lair, are seven full sized copies of the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower. 160 of your precious children were sacrificed to build them. That is where your young lions are. Scurrying like ( ? ?? ?????) [Spalax ehrenbergi – blind Egyptian mole rats]. Who fooled them into thinking that this was the way a Muslim goes forth to battle?

KNOW, that like all events, this is the will of Allah. The One has chosen, as the instrument of your humiliation, the smallest and most despised among the nations, the Jews. I am of that tribe. If, for that reason, you close your ears to me, that is your foolishness, your drunkenness, your arrogance.

ONCE WE, like you today, were arrogant. Thinking that The One was “ours”alone. For this arrogance were we bitterly chastised. Exiled from our home and cast to the four winds, by idol worshippers.

BUT, we learned from our chastisement. Allah, recalling his covenant with our mutual father, Abraham, did not allow us to perish – though during our banishment many have tried to extinguish us. All have failed.

NOW, we have been gathered from the farthest corners of the world, by the hand of the Transcendent One, and have been returned, by that Power Alone, to our home, to that place from which the One brought us forth. We bring great treasures of wisdom and science that we’ve collected on our journey. These we would gladly share with you, my brother Ishmael.

BUT, you must turn, from your arrogance, to the greater jihad. The war to conquer the evil inclination that resides in yourselves, as in us, as in all men. The evil inclination that blames others for their own failures. The evil inclination which values the bauble (puff pastry?) of “honor” over truth.

“WHAT IS HONOR”? You cannot buy it, but you can sell it cheaply. You cannot inherit it, that honor is your parent’s. You cannot take it with you when you die, a corpse has no honor, it is a heap, a helpless thing.

YOU  may be called to account for what you did with your honor while you were on earth, but if you have squandered it, by acting dishonorably, in drunkenness, it vanishes and can only be recovered with severe toil.

HOW did this come about? How have you been brought so low? I will tell you how. You were lied to. The Sssserpent Hamasssss played upon your poverty and your desire for honor, plucking your heartstrings, the way a musician plays an oud.

“WE have the ONLY Truth!” (the serpent says) “March back into the glorious the past!” “The Jews did this to you.” “Anyone who disagrees is against Allah!” “”Anyone who disagrees must die!” “To attain this glorious victory, you must die.” “To achieve this glorious victory, you must sacrifice your children, your women must be made widows and your elderly must live in squalor and the rubble of their homes.”

AND, if you protest? “We will gun you down in the street, our police will beat you with sticks and we will drag your bodies behind our motorcycles.”

YOU  must do this, YOU must do that, YOU MUST. But we? We will grow rich on the smuggling taxes and on the crooked land deals. While you are kept in poverty and misery, we will wax as rich as the fabled Turkish Sultan, as the ancient Pharaohs.

Then we will goad Israel until he comes with his hammer to smash you.

WHILE he does so, we will hide in the basement of al-Shifa Hospital and in our rats lair under your mosques and your homes and your schools, we will fly off to Qatar and consort with prostitutes.

YOUR destruction, despair and humiliation we will broadcast for the whole world to watch, so that the Europeans and the Americans (who love only your oil and weep for every child who is harmed, no matter by whose acts) will stay the hammer of Israel so that we can repeat our criminal deeds over and over again.

WHAT is the Law of Allah, delivered to you by Mohammed (PBUH) concerning the habitual thief? Is it not to cut off a hand on one side and the foot on the other? What is the law for the one who makes widows, sends children to their death and condemns the elderly to live in poverty, so that they might become wealthy?

THIS will be very arduous. The thief does not give up his plunder with a smile. The thieves have all the weapons. But the righteous prevail over the wicked. You must turn to the greater jihad. That is the only path to restore your honor. No one can walk it for you, you must go there for yourself. If any such are your near kin, you must shame them from their path of drunkenness and enticement.

BE WARNED. Other thieves will come to you with the same make-beleive stories. To make you drunken, once again, with the songs of war. Their flag will be a different color, they will write a different slogan on it, but they will tell you the same lies. They too will hide behind the coward’s mask. The upright, the man of honor has no need of a mask. Only those ashamed of what they do, hide their faces. And you cannot hide from Allah.

“WE have the ONLY truth!” That knowledge is Allah’s alone. Into the presence of the Infinite Living God there are an infinite number of legitimate paths. Yours will only be acknowledged as legitimate when you acknowledge the legitimacy of others.

“MARCH back into the glorious past!” Allah has so made us, that time, for us, flows in one direction only. You cannot return to the past any more than you can step into the same river twice. That river has moved on, as time itself moves on. Your glory lies ahead of you. If, and only if, you can cast off the drunkenness of the past, if you will accept that in the past, in drunkenness, you made errors and undertake the arduous work to build yourselves anew.

“The Jews did this to you!” No, it has been your leaders, Arafat, Abbas, Meshaal who made you drunk with the songs of war while enriching themselves.

The truth does not require brutal “enforcers”. When you see such you know that there is no truth, no honor, among those who send them at you.

Mohammed (PBUH) forbade you alcohol, but the blood lust can equally ensnare you and make you its slave. While you are intoxicated, your real enemies, ignorance, poverty, bribes, grow in power and remain unchallenged and undefeated.

You will know they are buttering you for another penetration when they say: “You must. . .” “You must. . .”  Instead, Follow the ones who say “We will act justly, uprightly and we decline the wine of vengeance”. Those who then stand in the forefront of the battle without hiding behind a mask.

In Peace

Elisha benAbuya

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