Orla Guerin’s Deep Disappointment From Gaza

Orla Guerin BBC in front of Gaza funeral processionOn Friday the latest 72hr ceasefire ended when Hamas shot rockets in the middle of the night. OK, we will call that a “Mulligan” and only consider the rockets Hamas fired at 08:01 on Friday.

I had the misfortune to watch Orla Guerin’s report on the main BBC News in the UK on Friday night. I won’t embed. Here’s the link. [Update: remember when she was removed from Israel in 2005?]

The title is “Air strikes and rocket attacks after Gaza ceasefire ends”. As usual for the BBC, the Israeli action comes before the Hamas rockets.

The piece starts with Israeli air strikes, it takes half a minute to get to any mention of rocket fire into Israel (and of course it is in the passive voice). Rockets were fired, not Hamas shot at Israeli civilians. It’s always, however, an “Israeli strike”.

With a sneer, it seems, she says “It was Palestinian militants who fired first” over a picture of an iron dome white smoke smudge in the sky – “dozens more got through causing NO loss of life”. Stress on the “NOOOOOO”. I believe she is evil: she wishes more Israeli civilians would die so her sense of proportionality can be maintained.

Then quickly back to Gaza for the heartbreaking tale of the 10 year old killed going to the Mosque. And the father (who pledges “resistance” for ever).

“Grief and anger at the KILLING of another child”. She’s asserting it was DELIBERATE with that word. “He was out in the street playing when Israel ATTACKED”.  Every single reference is active voice: Israel deliberately killed this boy she says.

“His death was followed by others, one of them a fighter”.

HOOOOO-EFFFING-RAYYYYY! Is this really true BBC? Is it actually possible you mention in one of your reports that a “fighter” was successfully killed amongst the millions of dead innocent civilians? Did Israel actually get one with it’s disproportionate bombing?

She even managed to get one more pop in when she says “Israel says it will keep targeting [PAUSE FOR VERBAL SCARE QUOTES] terror sites”.

Britain is gone. Almost no disinterested observer, who is fed this by the trusted BBC every night can remain neutral. You must hate Israel. It is what you slaves are being programmed to do.

Any Jew who thinks they can live in the UK and identify with Israel positively in the coming years will be in deep trouble.

Oh, and the whole news program was ended with an Emergency Appeal for money to go to Gaza. Nobody is starving in Gaza. Nobody is thirsty. All their necessities are provided for by Israel including water (despite using water towers as cover to launch rockets) electricity (despite years of not paying for it) and food. Yet the BBC needs to send money.

Here are the tweets I posted as I watched it.

4 thoughts on “Orla Guerin’s Deep Disappointment From Gaza”

  1. Who says Britain is gone? If Britain wasn’t like this, they would still have the mandate. Or should we mention classic Britain, which stripped the Jews of everything they had (torturing a few to death in the process), then threw them into the sea? For a while Britain WAS better than the rest of Europe, but they are reverting to type.

    If they become Moslem it will serve them right.

    1. Defeatism is a self-fulfilling prophesy. The only difference between a single desertion and an absolute rout is just a matter of momentum. If you want England to fail – and a lot of people do, especially in Europe and the USA – then by all means, carry on with a defeatist attitude.

      That also goes for you, Brian.

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