Beauty Turns Ugly in Anti-Israel Propaganda War

This may look like a simple photo of smiling female Israeli soldiers with beauty products.

Capture Garnier girls photo

But since posted by StandWithUs on social media, it has unleashed some ugly BDS.

‘It’s time to ditch Garnier’. That’s the message from Palestinian human rights organisation, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, as it emerged that Garnier has, over the last few days, provided ‘care packages’ of face creams, deodorants, soaps and other cosmetics to female members of the Israeli army…

‘However, no amount of soap can wash away the stench of Israel’s massacre in Gaza, and there are no cosmetics that can beautify the destruction and horror that the Israeli army has wrought on the Palestinians. Garnier’s actions turn our stomachs with revulsion and we are calling on everyone worldwide with a conscience to boycott Garnier and its parent company, L’Oreal.’

L’Oreal Israel has a factory in the Israeli town of Migdal Haemek…Migdal Haemek was established in 1952 on lands belonging to the ethnically-cleansed Palestinian village of al-Mujaydil, whose original Palestinian inhabitants are still denied the right to return to their homes.

Since Migdal Haemek is within the Green Line, BDS needed another anti-Israel means to attack.

But the bigger issue is that PSC encouraged supporters of Palestinian human rights to tweet Garnier with their comments on its donation to the Israeli army, using the hashtag #BoycottGarnier.

That BDS hate campaign resulted in this Garnier USA Facebook post:

Capture  Garnier FB page on Israeli

Garnier says it “promotes peace and harmony…with a “strict policy of not getting involved in any conflict.”

Garnier says it “disapproves of the initiative” to get beauty products to Israel women.

Well, Garnier has gotten involved and has offended other fans.

Giving into Arab propaganda from a BDS organization makes it a political matter.

Garnier welcome into the fray of ugly anti-Israel Propaganda War.

6 thoughts on “Beauty Turns Ugly in Anti-Israel Propaganda War”

  1. Norman_In_New_York

    Actually, the girls don’t need beauty products. Their beauty comes from the inside out and it beats anything a cosmetics company can produce.

    1. What a great comment! But after a few days without a shower, a girl could certainly appreciate a little something special.

  2. Garnier: that was dumb, you should fact check on who is making the complaint and who is your coustomer and who is being honest. Instead of me right now buying a 10 year supply of Garnier hair products I’m thinking I toss the Garnier stuff I have right now and never buy Garnier again, ever. It would be healthier to put Palestinian olive in my hair and better for the world. Learn what BDS IS, learn about what these radical Islamist complainants are not telling you, they have no interest in Garnier; they aren’t your customers they don’t buy Western products as much as Israelis or Americans. You should be sending Garnier to both sides but not supporting Jew Hate. I think I am going to spread the word and spill out my Garnier products and recycle the containers now. I have to wonder what you put in your products, Israel and America would probably be better without you even your “natural” products have chemicals – then this.

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