What, Exactly, Does Jodi Rudoren Think The Gaza Tourism Ministry Does?

Jonathan Tobin at Commentary has done a typically excellent job at unpacking the latest Jodi Rudoren “Hamas press release“, about Ahmed Jamal Abu Raida, a teenage boy who claims to have been used by a human shield by the IDF.  As Tobin notes, the fact that Rudoren wrote, and the New York Times printed, the story without any independent corroboration — even the kind of thing that could be easily fabricated, such as photos showing the boy’s injuries — speaks volumes about the depth of Rudoren’s incompetence as a journalist and the Times’s bias.

One thing, however, that struck me about Rudoren’s piece, was her credulous repetition of the information that the boy’s father, Jamal Abu Raida, “held a senior position in Gaza’s Tourism Ministry.”  Rudoren’s inability to extrapolate from this that her informant is the son of a Hamas operative had me wondering, what exactly, Rudoren thinks that Gaza’s Tourism Ministry might do.

Perhaps it prints glossy brochures with photos of colorful local personalities.

hamas collaborators

Or entices travelers to see the Gaza sites.

Blitzer in tunnel

Or promotes Gaza’s hotels.

NDTV hotel room with a view

Or perhaps it assists tourists in making travel arrangements?

mavi marmara violence

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2 thoughts on “What, Exactly, Does Jodi Rudoren Think The Gaza Tourism Ministry Does?”

  1. Norman_In_New_York

    As I have written before, why doesn’t the government declare the Times and its personnel to be enemy propagandists and not journalists, revoke their press credentials and give them the bum’s rush from the country?

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