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Reader Post: The Petro-Islamist Threat: Can the World be Saved?

Amalia Ishak, Yaffa Eliezer, Shalom Eliezer, Ph.D. and Tomer Tamarkin, discuss the solution to the energy crisis in Rehovot, Israel; Dr. Eliezer is one of Israel’s pioneer nuclear scientists and fusion energy researcher.
Amalia Ishak, Yaffa Eliezer, Shalom Eliezer, Ph.D. and Tomer Tamarkin, discuss the solution to the energy crisis in Rehovot, Israel. Dr. Eliezer is one of Israel’s pioneer nuclear scientists and fusion energy researcher.

A beacon of freedom and justice, America has always been an inspiration for the world’s citizens yearning for change and happiness. Today it appears as if the entire world is on fire and America is the only potential extinguisher. The core of the issue is energy. The fire is the terrorism exported by the Middle East oil producing nations, their South American proxies, and the spread of radical Islam based on the Hadith and caliphates. The world…not just America…is being held hostage by those using energy to finance evil. As we see today, while Israel is being attacked by Hamas and Gazans are living under Hamas dictatorship, Qatar, a small oil producing country, is openly financing Hamas against the only stable ally of the US in the Middle East, Israel, and instead of getting punished for financing terrorism, Qatar is receiving an $11 Billion arms deal form the US administration. This would have never been possible if Qatar was a country producing tomatoes instead of oil, which shows that the power of oil, and holding America hostage to its energy needs, is a threat to American’s independence and values.

Yet America appears to have no clear direction and progress towards the future, and an apparent weakness of policies that America’s enemies and freedom-haters around the global acknowledge and take advantage of.  This paper explores the Petro-Islamic Threat and proposes a solution to stabilize the Middle East with the help of our ally Israel by addressing the issues and working to solve energy ultimately defunding the Petro-Islamic Threat, and uniting people the world over with a common goal.

The Petro-Islamist Threat

Islam is the religion of an estimated 1.6 billion people. While it would not be fair to label all Muslims with political Islamism, it is a fact that most terrorist groups known today are Islamic.

There are conflicting interruptions of the Qur’an and its emphasis on violence and Jihad.  One school states expressly that the Qur’an and indeed the religion of Islam’s founder, the “prophet Mohammad,” express extreme violence.  By some estimates the Quran is said to contain over 100 verses supporting hatred and violence towards “infidels”

Another school of Islamic thinkers note that apparently, the Quran dictates that Muslims should not force non-Muslims to convert to Islam, as the verse 256 of the Chapter of the Cow reads: “There shall be no compulsion in [acceptance of the religion.] The right course has become clear from the wrong”. Nonetheless, most Muslims take their religious teachings from the Hadith, which says exactly the opposite.

Let’s elaborate. The Hadith, as defined by the Encyclopedia Britannica,refers to “The record of the traditions or sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, revered and received as a major source of religious law and moral guidance.  A major source of the Hadith is a book written by Muhammad Al-Bukhari, a Muslim born in today’s Uzbekistan 300 years after Prophet Muhammad’s death. Nonetheless, he claims authority on what Muhammad taught, despite lacking any direct connection to him and his followers.

When examining the Hadiths by Al-Bukhari, teachings emerge encouraging Islamic supremacy over non-Muslims, killing them and taking their women and children as slaves, unless they convert to Islam, and seeking global domination over all countries and nations where they have to submit to a Muslim state or convert to Islam, as clearly dictated by several Hadiths.

Therefore, despite the Quran statements such as that of Younis, Verse 99: “And had your Lord willed, those on earth would have believed – all of them entirely. Then, [O Muhammad], would you compel the people in order that they become believers,” it seems that political Islam follows the contradicting doctrine of Hadith, and for almost 14 centuries. Global Jihad has never seemed to stop, but only temporarily subside, when Islamists are too weak to conquer other nations. And today, political Islam has its sights set on taking over Western society throughout Europe and the United States.

Statements made by all leaders of Islamist terror groups have unmistakably been clear, with statements like “We will make it to the White House”.

With such eminent danger and absurd ambitions, the West has provided political Islam and Jihadists with the ultimate tool of dominance. This tool is the revenue generated by the oil producing countries which is used to fund such efforts throughout the world and with Islamist and terror-supporting states holding America and the West hostage to their oil supplies. Islamist governments, such as Qatar, have been able to support terrorism and buy large shares of major American and Western corporations, property and media as they push for the adoption of local Sharia Law.

Sharia Law Compliant Financing has been approved by the United States Treasury department who has even conducted seminars on its operation and use. Much of this money has been used to further left wing agendas in the U.S. such as disinvestment in fossil fuel industries and massive investments in “green energy schemes” which are scientifically incapable of providing sufficient energy for America’s needs. A recent U.S. Senate (Minority) report outlines just how much money is being pumped into this anti-energy machinery.

With their long-term Islamist agenda of world-domination, the stage has been set for those Islamists-supporting regimes to compromise America’s way of life and even to enforce Islamism on it.

World’s Silent Energy Crisis

The current population of the United States is approximately 317,000,000.  The current worldwide population is currently 7.1 billion.  Thus, the United States represents 4.5% of the world population, yet consumes over 25% of annual energy worldwide.  Current fossil fuel supplies of oil, coal, and natural gas are being consumed virtually at capacity.  As is evident, the fossil fuel supply is not capable of providing worldwide energy requirements as the developing countries attempt to improve their population’s standard of living to levels enjoyed by the West, notwithstanding the fact that fossil fuels are finite and no matter what we do, future generations will not have access to them as they are being rapidly depleted.

Although some incremental gains in supply can be obtained from the combination of “currently discussed renewable and green energy,” sources, the net effect is only marginal on the bottom line impact. This means that America, and, in fact the world, will remain held at the will of oil producers, most of whom are Islamist countries or their South American proxies, with some openly supporting terrorism like Qatar for example.

Albert Einstein established a fundamental law of physics; that energy and mass can neither be created nor destroyed but mass can be converted to energy and vice versa.  Einstein’s “special theory of relativity,” E=MC², means since there is mass all around us, there is energy all around us.  We must master the science of converting mass to energy efficiently, safely, and economically.

In the late 1970s this issue was forecasted, properly defined, and discussed rigorously in the energy literature.  In 1980, Washington State U. S. Representative Mike McCormack introduced a bill requiring the Federal U. S. Government to embark on a program to correctly solve energy through the research and development of fusion energy.  This bill was overwhelmingly passed in Congress and signed as the Magnetic Fusion Engineering Act by President Carter in October 1980. The goal was to have controlled fusion demonstration reactors working by the mid-1990s and at least one such reactor providing power to the Nation’s power grid by early 2000, followed by rapid commercialization.

Nonetheless, this effort was never properly funded and managed purely due to political reasons. Virtually all high energy physics projects in the United States have been disbanded over the last 20 years.  A prime example was the Superconductor Collider Center in Texas which was halted after ground breaking and a billion dollars spent on componentswhich were subsequently sold overseas and implemented by the Swiss in their massive high energy particle accelerator project known as The Large Hadron Collider.

This, again, means that America remains dependent on traditional sources of energy mostly produced by the very countries that want to take over America and the West. And this also means that America, the West in general and the world, won’t be able to sustain economic growth and development when energy produced worldwide falls below the demands created by population growth and industrialization of third world nations.  

Still, today, there is no serious fusion energy development happening in the United States,with the exception of the National Ignition Facility at Lawrence Livermore Labs.

In fact, the South Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, Russians, and Europeans are far ahead of the United States in their domestic fusion development programs. The United States has put most of its fusion eggs in the ITER basket which in an international project managed by the IAEA under the UNand which the U.S. is only a 9% partner. ITER resulted from an ill informed decision made by the Reagan administration in 1985 having been stimulated by Russia.  The development of fusion technology is not a luxury by any means. America cannot be spending blood and treasure to fight Islamic terrorism worldwide just to be given to the very countries that produce it, like Qatar, because they control the sources of energy America depends on.

Further, America will not be in any position of leadership in the energy field– nor in any fields built on energy, which are plenty—if other countries take the lead in fusion technology.

In other words, he who controls energy controls the world. And right now, America does not control energy; those who seek America’s demise and the fundamental Islamaization of the world do. And those pioneering the promising fusion technology are not just America’s friends, but also the undemocratic least-predictable states; for example the Russians and the Chinese.

Israel, America’s Trusted Friend

There are only two countries in the world with the correct moral values and character to trust with this resource: the United States and Israel.

Israel has the brains, innovation and determination required to jointly lead the fusion technology with the United Sates. The United States has a scientific base of experience and knowledge in the field and the financial and infrastructure resources to help develop it.

Further, Israel has historically exhibited the most important factor in handling energy, responsibility. While Israel has mastered nuclear energy for decades in its weapons program, amid the most hostile environment any country could face, Israel has never had a confirmed nuclear accident, nor had it ever had the safety of its nuclear reactors compromised by the many wars launched on it by its neighbors.  It should be pointed out, however, that Hamas targeted the Dimona nuclear facility in July, 2014 by an unsuccessful rocket attack.

In addition, Israel never chose or even thought to use nuclear energy resources at war except as a means of deterrent, unlike Iran which is starving its people for a nuclear program openly intended for hostile purposes.

In other words, since fusion is the promising future of energy, who else to trust to handle it more than America and Israel?

Myths of the Sustainability Movement

 Agenda 21 is a goal promulgated by the UN to result in a bio-diversity system capable of being sustained by renewable and “green energy” sources.  Scientific analysis has shown that renewable and green energy sources can only sustain a world population of about 350 million at a standard of living comparable to the United States today.

Thus, the Sustainability Movement and Agenda 21 force a significant reduction and stabilization of world population in polar opposition to the projected world population of 2050 assuming adequate energy and agriculture resources. The United States Census Bureau now projects 2050 world population to exceed 9 billion.  The UN Agenda 21 is clearly a Malthusian instrument to vastly reduce worldwide population and destroy America as the last remaining superpower.

The green movement in the United States has replaced education in the hard sciences with social responsibility.  The United States ranked number one in the world in 8th grade science and mathematics education 40 years ago.  Today it is ranked 36th.In the public school systems today the hard sciences have been replaced with green social responsibility doctrine.

A corrupt and powerful green lobby has spread throughout the country which is siphoning billions of dollars out of the country’s treasury and into the hands of its organizers, leaders and corporate partners.  Meanwhile, the public is being misled into a sense of false security that all of our energy needs can be met through green and renewable energy sources.  The scientifically incorrect concept of anthropogenic global warming being caused by man is a primary driving force creating tremendous corrupt investment in the green energy industries. Ultimately, this scheme will bring America to its knees.  At that point, the country will be ripe for Islamic domination.

Decline of America as the World’s Preeminent Superpower and Moral Authority

Over the last 30 years the United States has steadily declined as the world’s superpower as measured by military superiority, economic prosperity, responsible financial management of the state with limited debt, leadership in education, and its commitment to core values of freedom and the value of the individual.  The societal emphasis on entertainment over education has taken its effect on the younger generation who are losing touch with America’s past values and glory.  The hard sciences and math skills of grade school and high school children are now far behind other developing nations yet the economies in all developed countries are becoming increasingly based on science and technology.  This trend is not sustainable and the rapid decline of the United States is inevitable unless this trend is quickly reversed.

Defusing the Petro-Islamist Threat

As discussed earlier, political Islam and the country’s most supportive of it are in control of the larger part of the world’s energy resources. With their intentions being clear and dictated by Hadith’s teachings, to control the West, and the World, America’s dependency on those for its oil makes it a willing hostage to Islamism.

The solution to America’s self-chosen empowerment of Islamism is to proclaim that the U.S. and Israel will lead the way to correctly solve energy within 20 years through fusion technology, thereby cutting off the massive amounts of money to the Middle East’s oil producing countries which directly serves their long-term scheme of controlling America and the West, which can be seen with them literally controlling huge amounts of US and European economies.

The intentions to solve the world’s energy problems must be made by a credible party such as the United States in scientific and management partnership with Israel and private sector funders, should be publicly stated as soon as possible so that petro-monies currently being given to Islamists terror-supporting governments are better invested for their society’s future, and not squandered by their leaders and on weapons development and the support of international terrorism.

As this is being done, American and their Western allies must strategically recognize the threat of petro-Islamist control of the West.

Further, the American establishment, education system, media and public must be educated on the history and intentions of Islamic geopolitical conquests.  A strong and robust effort must be launched to call for the reformation of Islam worldwide consistent with the value of life above conquest.

Furthermore, America should follow Israel’s model of handling its Islamic surroundings and even citizens; by not choosing to make enemies of those and in fact welcome Islamist thinkers who consider reform of Islamist ideology. For example, a re-studying of the terrorist and supremacist ideologies of Hadith must be encouraged and even financed.

Neutralizing the Sustainable Energy Illusions

As mentioned earlier, the “green sustainable energy ”rhetoric is an illusion rather than a solution, simply because, the world’s population is expected to reach 9 billion by the year 2050, and at the current rates of provision  that the sustainable energy resources generate, they simply cannot supply worldwide demand based on projected population and third world industrialization.

This gap of provision must be made scientifically clear to the world through an authoritative academic study using the proper science and mathematical framework. Such a study must be conducted by an Israeli university free from the basis associated with American universities resulting from their funding sources; i.e., petro-Islamists and pro global warming advocates.

A Matter of Humanity’s Survival

All people have an inalienable God given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness through ever increasing standards of living. These values could not be sustained if the world’s population growth curve remains far higher than the finite energy resources and the static energy production.

Such a gap between the two would eventually create a whole segment of world’s population living beyond humane conditions of today because of lack of energy.

Such a situation will result in those not having proper food, health care or education, and eventually would lead to a reduction of the world’s population.

Once population reduction is established to be an unacceptable option, the energy requirements to support such a population with an increased level of individual lifestyles must be defined as projected demand.  Energy sources must be defined and projected as supply.  The difference between demand and supply must be calculated and openly discussed.  The challenge must be issued to create a new energy source capable of meeting the demand.  And the need to find a comprehensive, effective and feasible solution must be established.

The One Single Solution to the Global Energy Crisis

The solution to energy is provided by the simple equation E=MC².

There are two known practical methods to execute that formula:  The first is fission atomic power, and the second is the nuclear fusion, which has to essentially be achieved within the next decade as the next quantum breakthrough in nuclear power.

Controlled nuclear fusion produces 1,000 times more energy per gram of mass than fission. Even more, fusion is far safer than fission as it does not produce long lasting radioactive waste or use fissile material sought after by terrorists and black market profiteers.

In addition, a fusion reactor can never go critical, melt down, or explode in a nuclear chain reaction.  Indeed, fusion is the only realistic solution.  As a matter of science there is none other.

Fusion, a Matter of Political Will

Fusion is not a new concept. In fact, the United States announced its intentions to develop and commercialize this technology in 1980 through the Magnetic Fusion Energy Engineering Act signed by President Carter. Nonetheless, funding was never made available for the act was and the project never effectively managed. Needless to say, such a project requires strong management and national political will.

The political will required for the fusion conquest must be of the same determination, visibility and stature of the NASA moon landing program, and serious military-like management of the World War II Manhattan project which led to the development of the atomic bomb.

In both examples above, America was serious about sustaining a leading role and a noble model for humanity. For example, the development of the atomic bomb resulted in ending WWII and saving many lives that could have been lost if the war lingered further.

Today, America sits at no less critical grounds with energy. If America fails to solve the world’s energy crisis it will lose its role as a global leader and the Islamist terror-supporting states will eventually take over Western economies and way of life.

And even worse, the rest of the world’s population would be expelled out of modern civilization by the lack of energy.

Therefore, America & Israel must pursue and commitment to develop fusion energy as its next pathway to greatness by providing a service to humanity, improving lives and eliminating Islamists’ threats.

In 1980 Israel’s Minister of Science and Energy, Professor Yuval Ne’eman realized the ever present danger’s Israel faced from its neighbors and Israel’s need to develop a long term economy based on advanced science and technology.  In 1980 Professor Ne’eman urged the Knesset to approve a domestic fusion development program in Israel leading to the successful demonstration and commercialization of fusion power.  However because Israel was a new nation, only 32 years old and financially strapped and because of concerns Israel had about the programs impact on its relationship with the United States, Prime Minister Begin ultimately rejected this plan.  Dr. Shalom Eliezer, a leading Israeli fusion scientist who worked for Professor Ne’eman and author of “The Fourth State of Matter; An Introduction to Plasma Science personally recounted this story to this author, Tomer Tamarkin, in a video interview in Rehovot Israel on December 12, 2012.

And while the world prospers on economy, education and technology all made available by the generous supply of fusion technology, America, Israel, and their private enterprise partners will own the fusion energy reactor intellectual property, scientific knowhow, technology and manufacturing infrastructure.

America with Israel’s help will revive its economy based on manufacturing and/or licensing the fusion technology and delivering it around the world.  This has hundreds of trillions of dollars in revenue potential over the next century.

We cannot make the mistake of outsourcing our bread and butter to the developing nations but can and will sell these nations the products necessary for them to thrive on a fair, just and equitable basis.

Such a project must be clamored for by the people, funded by the private sector; it is the leaders and the decision-makers in America and Israel who must facilitate it. These leaders and politicians are in their positions to serve the citizens who elected them.  Therefore, the American and Israeli public must be aware of the importance and significance of this project, and it must be a national patriotic agenda that average citizens would demand from their leaders, no less than other significant issues such as terrorism, health care and education.  But the actual work must be done by the private sector, supported by the governments with protection, favorable tax incentives, favorable regulatory climates concerning health and safety considerations applicable to high energy physics research facilities, and the favorable treatment of IP given the private sector involvement and the collateral issues of national safety concerns based on the imperative of abundant energy.

Further, this agenda must be combined with the demand of a manageable action plan, transparency, and results coupling America, Israel, private industry and philanthropic funding.

As an undergraduate physics major and applied math & chemistry minor, Mr. Tamarkin has been involved in high technology based business since the mid-1970s.  In 1985 Mr. Tamarkin became involved with the electrical utility industry in the capacity as president of a firm manufacturing pollution abatement control systems used in electrostatic precipitators and scrubbers.  Later Mr. Tamarkin became Senior Vice President and General Manager of Datamatic who developed data acquisition software systems for utility companies.  In 1990 he founded the Tamar Corporation which developed the first utility “smart meters” for the electrical, gas and water utility industry.  In 1995 he formed USCL Corporation and has remained as President.  USCL is responsible for much early development in the utility smart metering fields with emphasis on the delivery of real time energy information and consumption directly to the consumer.  Since 2001 Mr. Tamarkin has been advocating that fusion power needs to be brought to the people of the world as the only long term energy solution.  He is the co-founder of Fusion4Freeedom at

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