Moron Of The Day: Mark John Taylor aka Mohammad Daniel aka Abu Abdul-Rahman

Yeah, about that Jihadic commitment..

A New Zealander who declared he was on jihad, burned his passport and posted the charred remains on Facebook when he ran away to Syria reportedly wants to come home.

Mark John Taylor wants a new passport after he previously posted his destroyed document online with the caption ‘one-way trip’.

However, the New Zealand government have allegedly not replied to his requests for a new passport.

In an interview with Aotearoa Independent Media Centre, the bearded Kiwi said he plans to leave Syria around late October.

‘I only went there for adventure Jihad, but along the way I realised Syria is in a very dire need of humanity aid and support,’ he said, refuting his alleged terrorist activities.

Adventure Jihad. That’s a thing?

adventure jihad

But of course he’s lying.

In July this year he told the New Zealand Herald on Sunday that he would remain in Syria until he achieved ‘martyrdom’.
He said he became a jihad because he was ‘refused by the NZ Army for re-enlistment’.

Unless he was misheard and he really said “Partydom.” Don’t laugh, it could have happened.

Naa, maybe not. The Jihadumbass has posted other incriminating things on his Facebook page.

Yep, just an adventure Jihad.


Not surprisingly, this is not the first time he’s gone off to a terrorist stronghold, armed with a really bad excuse.

In September 2011, he appeared on TV3’s 60 Minutes and claimed his life had been ruined after he previously travelled to Pakistan in 2009 and tried to enter the al-Qaeda stronghold of Wana.

He said he had only travelled to the Middle Eastern country to ‘find a wife’.

I’m guessing this moron is going to end up as worm food.


7 thoughts on “Moron Of The Day: Mark John Taylor aka Mohammad Daniel aka Abu Abdul-Rahman”

  1. Sounds like the sooner the worms feast, the better. Though I wouldn’t mind seeing him spend a long spell in a mental institution, preferable one of the old fashioned kind exposed in “The Snake Pit.” Prison rapee is another viable option for him.

  2. Sounds to me like the guy needs to take his meds. You have to wonder just how many other people have gone there when they are pretty psychotic. He needs incarceration.

  3. Norman_In_New_York

    He, and reportedly some others, are finding out that ISIS is like a roach motel. Volunteers check in but they don’t check out.

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