Military Occupation To Continue

"Trident boat" by bodgerbrooks
“Trident boat” by bodgerbrooks

Scotland rejects the two state solution. Backed by the nuclear armed British army, navy and air force, the once sovereign state of Scotland is to continue as just another large neighbourhood of the United Kingdom.

Israel has so many great friends amongst the Scottish people (we assume) because the ones who make the most noise don’t seem to like the prospect of an independent homeland for the Jews remaining here.

Lets hope that Yvonne Ridley’s dream of a “Zionist free zone” in Scotland is now sunk too.

And let us not forget that Scotland is the original place of creation of George Galloway (heaven help them). Perhaps they’re glad he no longer lives there.

Nevertheless, overall it would appear the majority of people in Scotland still think that rule by the British Empire is preferable to self determination under people like Alex Salmond who got in a bit of a twist last week seemingly equating Israel and ISIS.

So it seems that independence is not the answer to everything and having one’s own state, even for a people who have a long, distinct history; an absolutely clear and recognisable culture; their own specific ancient foods (not only deep fried, battered, Mars bars); what amounts to a unique and distinct language (I canneee understand Glaswegians I tell yeeee), is not the best thing in the world. Ever.

So farewell then Scottish Indipendence,
for now.

We knew you well,
even if you didn’t know yourself,
well enough to say.

It was No.

B.J.Thomas 17¾

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