Muse Frontman Makes A Weird Connection


Lead singer of rock band Muse, Matthew Bellamy left a pretty cryptic reply to a fan’s question, “What do you think about all that “ISIS” stuff?”

He answered with a video from a 1990 C-SPAN interview with Dan Raviv and Yossi Melman, discussing their book about Israeli espionage.

He points us to 22:13 – 23:00 where Raviv says the English name for “Mossad”, is the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service, or ISIS.

This left me scratching my head because of a few things.

1) What supermassive black hole did he pull this obscure clip from?

2) Is the lead singer of Muse suggesting that the Mossad has some kind of a connection with Islamic State because of a coincidental acronym coined 9 years before the terror group’s establishment?

My guess he somehow saw this and is trying to be funny, but these kind of statements are like nectar for the anti-Israel conspiracy theorists so watch out!

Anyway, in response I thought I’d make a conspiracy theory of my own with an obscure clip.


homer isis


edit… silly me, in a rush I forgot to h/t @extreme_name on Twitter. Thank you!

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