Palestinian Delegitimization Campaign Against Palestinians Fleeing Gaza

You might have heard of several instances recently where immigrant boats were rammed or have sunk in the Mediterranean sea, with several hundreds of dead being Palestinians fleeing Gaza.

As a result, Palestinians have started an international appeal for marine safety… just kidding, they’ve started a vile delegitimization campaign against Palestinians fleeing Gaza and Hamas.

This was published by the US trained and funded “National Security Forces”. In it you can see a Gazan jumping off a cliff, chasing a dream of westernized living.

Chasing a westernized ideal means death

Another image meme which has featured prominently on several Palestinian Facebook pages is this:

Live like a Shahid, Die like a Shahid

The caption reads:

Every beginning has an end, live as a Shahid, end as a Shahid

Meaning if you become a terrorist, you’ll die like one and be praised as a hero. If you flee Hamas and Gaza as a refugee, you’ll die a nobody.

Many other caricatures deal with the issue of death to those running away.

Uprooting yourself means death

Lead by Death to the unknown

Emigration from Gaza

Plenty has been written about the disturbing morals and inhuman ideals within Palestinian Arab society. This is yet another manifestation. When you excommunicate those who seek a better life for themselves, you are a dictatorship.

In contrast to such heinous regimes as North Korea or Cuba, the “ideal” citizen for Hamas and PLO is a death seeker: one that kills Jews along with him. Dying while running away from their lives is for them, the lowest of the low.

Let that sink in, no pun intended.


Judge Dan

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