Reader Post: Hadio Loves Hitler

A friend of mine posted something on Facebook today that I immediately asked if I could write about here on Israellycool because I found it incredibly disturbing.

This friend was shopping on Rue Mont Royal in Montreal and stumbled into a cute store called Hadio. The cute was clearly just on the outside, as once they entered the store, they found multiple shirts featuring none other than Hitler.

All of them had a tag that said “Too Fast To Live Too Young To Die” which I assume also means too ignorant to understand or respect the deaths of 11 million (low estimate) Jews, Gypsies, Slavs, Gays, Jehovah’s Witnesses, as well as those who dissented against the slaughter of the aforementioned people and just about anyone else who Hitler decided he didn’t like.

According to my friend, there was even a variety to choose from. The ones that stuck out were one that featured Hitler laying nude on his stomach captioned with “holiday”, the portrait shown in the photo below, and most shocking, another portrait, but in place of the swastika on Hitler’s arm-band was a heart.

hitler shirt

My friend asked the clerk why they were selling so many shirts featuring Hitler and the clerk responded “People like them, they sell well.” (For the record, she also mentioned she didn’t agree with it but it wasn’t her store.)

Not only is the fact these shirts are being sold repulsive, but the fact people are buying so many of them and the owners see no problem profiting off the face of a mass murderer exponentially multiplies the level of repulsiveness.

As my friend stated in her initial post, the people buying these shirts are either ignorant of what Hitler did and stood for, or they support what he did. I find both entirely unacceptable and think the owners could use a reminder.

I think I shall mail them photos of Holocaust victims. If you’d like to join me in putting the owners on blast, I found their website and their contact page is here.


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