Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei Tells Us How He Really Feels


In case it wasn’t already obvious, the Arsahollah took to twitter to explain why and how Israel should be eliminated.

With an infographic of course!

Granted, he actually uses the word “Israel” and not just some euphemism like “the Zionist regime/entity.” And he explains that this will not mean the massacre of the Jewish people in the area (how kind!). He also does not favor classical methods like throwing Jews in the sea. Having said that, he advocates terrorism, and thinks the new government – for which Jews will not be able to vote – should decide whether or not the Jews can remain or be expelled.

Khamenei’s subsequent tweet provides a stark reminder about how he truly plans to bring about the elimination of Israel. And provides for an interesting juxtaposition.

khomenei tweets

Meanwhile, you know you’ve screwed up when you lose some of your support base.

Update: In this earlier tweet, he uses the word “annihilated” instead of “eliminated.”

Update: Khamenei apparently posted the same thing back in July.

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