Israel-Hating Bullies Behaving Badly (Yet Again)


A group of “pro-palestinian” protesters (read: rabid Israel haters) have been expelled from a talk with Daniel Taub, Israel’s ambassador to the UK, after showing the kind of disrespect no ambassador should be subjected to (hat tip: Sussex Friends of Israel).

UCL security this evening expelled two pro-Palestine protesters from campus for disrupting a talk with Israeli ambassador Daniel Taub

The pair, which included prominent UCLU Friends of Palestine activist Layth Hanabli, stood up and shouted at Taub for 5 minutes for sponsoring a ‘terrorist regime’ and supporting Israel’s actions in the Gaza war this summer.

Security failed to act as the talk descended into chaos and Hanbali accused Israel’s ‘terrorist army’ of ‘murdering Palestinians’ in Gaza.

Several attendees were frustrated and asked the activists to ‘shut up’ – Ambassador Taub, an alumnus of UCL, remained calm and appeared to chuckle at them.

It is no coincidence that these “activists” would treat with disdain notions like freedom of speech and respect for an ambassador. Because they are not about human rights. They are about denying Israelis (and in many cases Jews) theirs.

Meanwhile, here is a photo of one of the culprits Layth Hanabli.

mr happy

Yeah, that’s better.

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