Anti-Zionism Is Jew Hatred: The Turkey Reason

Raising scottish flag yvonneridleyThis post stems from a twitter exchange I had with Yvonne Ridley. I say exchange, she hasn’t really answered my main points but we’ll get to that later. I want to make a specific point: why anti-Zionism which denies Jews the right to a state run for Jews, by Jews is Jew hatred (or antisemitism if you must use that term).

It’s quite clear that being an avowed “anti-Zionist” as Yvonne Ridley is, she doesn’t believe in Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state even one that gives adequate rights for other religions and cultural identities.

It all started when I tweeted out a link to a new MEMRI article about growing Jew hatred in Turkey. I highlighted one part, a Professor of Physics who is really hoping that Turkey builds concentration camps and starts putting its Jews on trains.

Yvonne, after having my tweet drawn to her attention by a third party, said “horrendous” and proceeded to say “Come live in Scotland”. She also denied reports which had come out during the run up to the independence referendum, that Scotland was experiencing a surge in Jew hatred.

So I asked her the following three questions:

  • Would Scotland welcome 23,000 Jewish immigrants tomorrow if Turkey persecuted them?
  • Would Scotland send its army to rescue and even die for them?
  • Or would Scotland let their blood flow in the streets and issue a condemnation?

One of the principal reasons for the existence of Israel today is to provide the safety net that we Jews lacked in the 1930’s. The answer to the first two questions, for Israel, is not just yes, but we have plans, planes and soldiers standing by to evacuate Turkey’s Jews tomorrow if need be. That’s just what we do.

People forget, but the primary role of The Mossad and the organisation it grew from is now and always was rescuing Jews. They are responsible for having a plan in place and the IDF will execute it.

Who flew to that mountain top to rescue the Yazidis? Which nation has sent its young men to fight and die with the Kurds as they try to hold onto their homes and lands? Are Scottish troops on the ground in Ukraine and should they be? Do you think the Jews of Turkey should rely on Obama launching air strikes against his friend in Ankara or sending in the Marines to rescue them and then granting them all citizenship? Oh, wait, yeah, he might just give them all citizenship, but the UK would certainly have a huge internal fight about granting citizenship to 23,000 Turkish Jews overnight.

And how could any nation (except Israel) grant citizenship to just the Jews of Turkey without having to explain why they won’t grant instant citizenship to everyone else in Turkey if they want to come? For Israel it’s easy: Judaism is our ethnicity, our culture and our religion. All three at once in varying degree for each individual. We are the ones, quite rightly, who decide who is Jewish just as the UK decides who is a British citizen and America decides who they should call a citizen.

Israel is the guarantor and protector of the Jewish people world wide. We in Israel feel a kinship with the worldwide diaspora of Jews (even the idiot ones who haven’t got a clue why Israel needs to exist).

Is there any way that Jews could rely on a State run by Mahmoud Abbas or any other Arab leaders that has ever existed to rescue them? Just think of what the Arabs have done to their own refugee brothers since 1948 (WSJ$), leaving them festering in refugee camps purely as leverage in their many failed attempts to destroy Israel.

Seventy years ago America, the UK and all the other nations stood by while six million Jews were slaughtered. Not only did they make immigration into their own countries difficult for Jews, perfidious Albion even closed Palestine to them.

Israel exists as a Jewish state and Zionism is the expression of this. It exists because never again is not a slogan for us Jews and we’re not going to put our faith and lives in the hands of the UN, the USA or even mighty Scotland to come save us ever again.

You can keep your strong UN condemnations, Israel will keep Jews alive.


If you want to see the twitter exchange, here it is.

That was picked up and retweeted by one of my followers who specifically sent it to Yvonne Ridley, the reverted to Islam journalist who we’ve discussed many times here at Israellycool. The last we heard from her she was declaring Scotland to be a “Zionist-free zone”.

She agreed that the growing Jew hatred in Turkey was “horrendous” and then went on to say “Come live in Scotland; only place in Europe were Jews have lived peacefully”.

It was then pointed out to her that there had been a particular rise in Jew hatred in Scotland reported in the run up to the independence referendum. She proceeded to deny that there is any problem in Scotland.

So I made the following three responses:

No response as yet to these points.




10 thoughts on “Anti-Zionism Is Jew Hatred: The Turkey Reason”

  1. Norman_In_New_York

    Brian, your three questions have hit the nail on the head. They must be asked of every pompous “anti-Zionist.” Every country outside of Israel has had instances of antisemitism, especially those who have graciously allowed Muslims to settle within their borders. It’s not only Scotland. All of Europe west of the old Iron Curtain is lost, and eastern Europe has its incidents as well.

    1. I am very tired of Americans telling us that Europe is ‘lost’. Europe may, or may not, emerge from the next few decades of political turmoil intact. Perhaps the people will continue on the current trend toward demanding democracy and accountability. Or perhaps not. In the meanwhile, take your smug, crowing defeatism out of the equation and look at your USA. Your two-term emperor is illegally inviting millions of invaders to take part in elections. You must know he is at best a Manchurian candidate who is in office thanks to massive fraud, who acts lawlessly and who is in bed with the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood. What are you going to do about it apart from whining and moaning? You’re going to do absolutely nothing.

        1. Thanks. But I wish the counter-Jihad narrative wasn’t always packed to the brim with defeatism. In England, for the first time in years, it feels like the politicians are on the run from the electorate, the circular firing squads now in full deployment. The Democratic party is in a similar state, but it needs one last big push.

          You can’t strike a fatal blow against an opponent if you tell yourself over and over again, “it’s no good, I’ve lost.”

          1. @ivanewan:disqus I also think there are signs of hope. A long time ago (in Brussels) I attended counter Jihad events that included some of the people from UKIP. Some know what’s going on, but many don’t.

            I do agree there is a growing groundswell of realisation as to what is wrong (and it isn’t JUST immigration). In my opinion if everyone (and this even applies in the US) started talking about unassimilated immigration, we’d be on a very different tack.

            1. I think what happened in Britain at least is that people did start talking about unassimilated immigration, but were shouted down as racist, xenophobic, etc. The EDL briefly acted as a medium of expression, but rather than letting public rage vent in this way, the political establishment used the UAF and the police to shut it down. Now that the establishment’s hands are steeped in blood with cover-ups on a massive scale, a revolutionary mood is in the air. The ballot is, fortunately, easier and more civilised than the bullet, and there’s no doubt in my mind that UKIP will hold the balance of power in 2015. It looks like the situation in France will be similar.

              Of course, just getting these people into power doesn’t really do anything. They need a strong mandate to confront and oppose Islamic incursions into our way of life. People like us must not only be the majority, but we must act like we know it too.

              If you agree with that, then I hope you’ll understand the following.

              Some of the articles on Israellicool, and on counter-Jihad websites in general, don’t help here. For example, when there are violent acts of Jew hatred in Britain and Europe, it has been your instinct to declare all European culture to be fundamentally hostile to the Jewish. That must be some kind of gift to the Neo-Nazis, the Islamists, and their assorted fellow travellers – you’ve told them that Europe is their domain, and you’ve told Europeans that the culture that they know, the culture of Beethoven, da Vinci, Joan of Arc, isn’t worth fighting for.

              The reality, which we’ve both got a responsibility to represent, is that most Europeans are fine with Jews (who came up with the Theory of Relativity, and Blazing Saddles) and abhor Islamic theology (or they would, if they knew what it was). It’s just that the people who have those qualities in reverse are much, MUCH better at pretending they own the country. So come on, let’s not dance to their tune.

              On a more positive note, Israellicool is at its best when it is positive in its messaging: Israel is a cool/funny place which you can only hate if you’re a drooling idiot.

              1. Just saw this quote and thought it was an appropriate summation of my reasoning:

                “The majority principle … is a new god, not in the sense in which the heralds of the great revolutions conceived it, namely, as a power of resistance to existing injustice, but as a power of resistance to anything that does not conform.” – Max Horkheimer

                That’s the kind of thinking that gave the New Left the impetus to depict itself as expressing the opinion of the majority, which is what they did after they took over the mainstream media. If you can recognise what they did, how, and why, then I believe you can fight it.

                “We the people will no longer tolerate the bigotry of the small-minded Marxist and Islamist psychopaths who put our country in the state it’s in.”

                Man, that sounds a lot more effective than “all of Europe is lost!”

  2. Great article and thanks for trying to educate her. Indecently, from the title, I thought that the article was going to be about thanksgiving.

    1. And that, my friend, is the beauty of english and the double entendre (which only has to be risqué or indecent “usually”) 🙂

      To be honest I don’t write this stuff to educate Yvonne Ridley, she’s a lost cause in my book, but I hope to pick up a few other along the way.

      1. Yvonne knows the score only too well, she really isn’t that dumb compared to the likes of Lauren booth et al. Her capture by the Taliban and her conversation to Islam via a bout of Stockholm syndrome has led her into the arms of the anti imperial left and their Antisemetic ilk. She likes to show her comrades in respect and the SWP that she is onside by playing it dumb for them…..her idiotic twitter banner is an example of this. And yes she’s a lost cause as being pro Islam and antizionist has proved to be a lucrative career move….

        P.s. She’s English, not Scottish.

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