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WATCH: The Economist Gets Israel So Wrong In One Paragraph

The Economist is consistently maliciously wrong about Israel.
Flag Parade Jerusalem Day

I Am An Indigenist

I hereby declare I am an indigenist - I am a supporter of indigenous peoples, especially my own people the Jews, indigenous to the land of Israel.

“The Beauty of Judaism” According to Linda Sarsour

Linda Sarsour continues to treat us all as fools

WATCH: Great Explanation of How Anti-Zionism is Latest Incarnation of Antisemitism

American-Israeli author and journalist Yossi Klein Halevi responds to a student questioning why it is ok to "humanize" Zionists
Israeli flag

Reader Post: Self Reflection – Why I Came to Embrace Zionism

Felicia describes her journey from Israel hater to staunch Zionist

Guest Post: Why I Became A Zionist

"I will stand with the best country in the Middle East, the ancient homeland of the Jewish people"

Who Exactly Can Be A Feminist, Linda Sarsour?

Linda Sarsour's rejection of Zionist Feminists lays bare her Jew-hatred.

The Bigotry Of Linda Sarsour: You Cannot Be A Zionist And A Feminist

In case it wasn't already obvious, Linda Sarsour is a bigot

Sophie’s Choice and the Young American Liberal

Young Liberal Jews are forced to make Sophie's Choice


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