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A Leftist Gentile’s Path Toward Zionism: Part Two

See part one here By this point, I was no longer the least bit surprised to learn how robust empirical evidence shows that anti-Israel sentiment...

A Leftist Gentile’s Path Toward Zionism: Part One

How a leftist Gentile moved from a “pro-Palestinian” perspective to his current outspoken “pro-Israel” point of view

The Long Tradition of Zionists Acting to Safeguard Black Lives

Not only are you not a hypocrite if you support BLM and are a Zionist, but you are following a long tradition of Zionists acting to safeguard Black lives.

Ali Abunimah Doubles Down on His Antisemitism While Alleging Zionism is Racism

In a Zoom call about the so-called Nakba, antisemite Ali "Abumination" Abunimah claimed that Zionism is racism

Jabotinsky, Zionist Hitler? REALLY? 

Understanding who Jabotinsky was

Call Me Obsessed; At Least I Stand Up For Israel

Am I obsessed? This is something I do take the time to ponder on - mainly when someone sends me a message "Why are you obsessed with being like a Jew?"

WATCH: What is Zionism?

This might just be the most exact explanation of Zionism I have seen.

WATCH: The ‘Zionism as a Form of Racism’ Mantra

You've probably heard the accusations that Zionism is a form of racism, especially in the wake of UN Resolution 3379. But do you know where it came from?

The Ties that Bind Us, and the Fire that Blinds Us: The Case for...

Zionists of all stripes need to stick together, because our problems are far bigger than our petty disagreements on the details.

WATCH: The Economist Gets Israel So Wrong In One Paragraph

The Economist is consistently maliciously wrong about Israel.
Flag Parade Jerusalem Day

I Am An Indigenist

I hereby declare I am an indigenist - I am a supporter of indigenous peoples, especially my own people the Jews, indigenous to the land of Israel.

“The Beauty of Judaism” According to Linda Sarsour

Linda Sarsour continues to treat us all as fools

WATCH: Great Explanation of How Anti-Zionism is Latest Incarnation of Antisemitism

American-Israeli author and journalist Yossi Klein Halevi responds to a student questioning why it is ok to "humanize" Zionists
Israeli flag

Reader Post: Self Reflection – Why I Came to Embrace Zionism

Felicia describes her journey from Israel hater to staunch Zionist


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