Israel Haters Exploiting Ferguson Unrest


The grand jury decision not to indict the Ferguson police in the shooting death of unarmed teen Michael Brown has been met with chaos.

Interestingly enough – but probably not surprisingly – there is an Israel connection: some of the protesters are anti-Israel activists trying to exploit the heated passions by connecting what happened in Ferguson to the palestinian anti-Israel cause.

For instance, this was spotted in Seattle:


And have a look at this protester who grabbed and broke a Fox News camera live on air.

Notice how he is wearing a keffiyeh. Not only that, but the mask is very reminiscent of what we saw here:

This is no co-incidence. We know what type of people jump on the Israel hating bandwagon. Certainly the type to exploit a fragile situation and not have respect for the rule of law.

Update: Legal Insurrection dealt with more examples a month ago.

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