Zionist Magical Shape-Shifting Jews Of DoomTM


The Daily Beast’s Dana Kennedy spoke to some French Algerian Muslims to find out their thoughts on who was behind the Paris terror attacks.

Diaz-Balart: You talked, Dana, to some of these French Muslims who say this was all a conspiracy. What do they mean?

Kennedy: Well, I went out to what they call the suburbs of France which are not what Americans think of as the suburbs, really the housing projects they’re outside Paris and there are a couple of areas inside Paris where a lot of poor Muslims live. I talked to cross section of mainly French Algerian young men who said to me it was pretty much they felt the attacks were actually a conspiracy by the Jews to make Muslims look bad. One person told me that in fact they weren’t just regular Jews that were doing this, in fact they were a race of magical Jews, shape shifting Jews, master manipulators that could be everywhere at the same time.

What can I say? They are on to us. Clearly, they’ve been listening to those pearls of wisdom from Alice Walker and David Icke.

In fact, in an Israellycool exclusive, I can reveal the entire Mossad squad behind the attacks.

mossad squad

As for me, the shape-shifting gene apparently skipped a generation. Heck, I don’t even get invited to those Elder meetings we hear so much about.

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