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An Open Letter to the Paris “Peace” Summit Delegates

Two state solution would never have worked; and the Paris "Peace" Summit won't either

Draft Summary From Next Week’s Paris Israel Palestine Peace Summit

Sunday is the Day of the Jackals in Paris: here’s the death warrant the world hopes to force on Israel.

World Hypocrisy On Display In Wake of Stabbing in Paris

They hypocritical way in which the world reacts to terror attacks

Alternative Judaism: Taking Israel Out of Judaism

We need a revoJEWtion: How the next generation of Jews is being raised without Israel

Reader Post: Reflections On The French Flag Filter

Sheri asks "Do you love it or hate it when you see people putting the French flag filter over their Facebook profile pics?"

The Worst Of Twitter (Paris Edition)

How not to react to a terror attack on Twitter.

Video: 10 Hours of Walking In Paris As A Jew

I wish I could say I was surprised by this next video. But I'm not.

Joe’s World: Random Folks

A bunch of random ones.

Jew Cars In Paris (Updated)

I’m curious how he knew each of these cars was Jewish.

Batsh*t Crazy Conspiracy Theory Of The Day

More #facepalm inducing shenanigans

Zionist Magical Shape-Shifting Jews Of DoomTM

Is there anything we can't do?!

The Most Chilling Thing Written About Paris Terror

Thirteen-year-olds, 14-year-olds saying, “You shouldn’t insult the Prophet. The killing is justified.”

Asking David Ward: How Many Palestinians Were Killed In Paris?

Showing solidarity with #Palestinians when it’s Jews dying in Paris. That’s David Ward MP.
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