Gilad Atzmon Gets BDS-d


Question: What blows hot air and is unwanted?

Answer: Antisemite Gilad Atzmon

A JAZZ musician and political blogger who referred to some Jews as “circumcised trolls” had his gig cancelled after 13 people signed a letter of complaint.

Israeli Gilad Atzmon is currently touring the UK with his band Gilad Atzmon & The Orient Ensemble. His tour, named The Whistle Blower, was supposed to play at the Bonington Theatre in Arnold on Thursday, January 15.

Gedling Borough Council – which manages the High Street theatre – received the letter from local residents and later found comments made by Atzmon including “it is always Jewish bad behaviour that brings disaster on the Jews” and “Nuremberg was a fake tribunal, Israel deserves a real one”.

Mr Atzmon instead played at the Five Ways pub in Edwards Lane, Sherwood, after a last-minute change.

For his part, Atzmon had his sparse-looking audience do this.

Note he made them say “Je suis Gilad”, a play on “Je suis Charlie.” Yes, he actually went there.

Here’s hoping the next time we hear about Atzmon, it is from a news report involving a freak accident with his saxaphone (“It was a million-to-one shot, doc. Million-to-one!”).

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