That Moment You Get Quoted By Antisemitic Nutball David Duke


Duke did not write this, but posted it to his website.

At least not approvingly.

CNN fires Jim Clancy after 34 years over tweeting row with Jewish activists. Welcome to Press Freedom in Zio-America!

David_duke_belgium_2008Yesterday CNN fired one of its star reporters after he got into a tweeting argument with Jewish activists, including Oren Kessler of theFoundation for Defense of Democracies. The FDD is a neocon propaganda organization lavishly funded by billionaire Jewish Zionists like Roland Arnall,Charles Bronfman, and Michael Steinhardt. Jim Clancy’s CNN biography page was promptly deleted, but to see how little loyalty from CNN 34 years of hard work will get you, please refer to this archived snapshot of his page.

For those of you interested in the tweets involved, the website (which I guess means “Israel is really cool”) has preserved the comments, with some annotation and perhaps selective editing. It is hard to see what the big deal is. It starts with Clancy making the questionable claim that Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons weren’t actually mocking Mohammed but rather those who distort his words. A rather mild bruhaha ensues, which includes Clancy correctly pointing out that his opponents were hasbara (Israeli public relations) agents.

Selective editing? Um no, I’ll leave that to the Jew-haters and Holocaust deniers.

Now excuse me while I take a shower.

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