Watch: Protests On The Streets Of London (Updated)

??????????????????????Did you hear about the massive Muslim march in the centre of London yesterday to protest at all the horrific atrocities being committed across the world and the middle east in the name of Peaceful Religion of Islam?


That’s because there wasn’t one.

Instead there was a massive Muslim march, organised by the Muslim Action Forum, to protest against the Charlie Hebdo cartoons. It’s not much of stretch to say if you’re protesting against the cartoons, you’re at least providing cover and excuses for the murderers who killed the cartoonists and took time out from their busy slaughter schedule to make sure they found some Jews to kill as well.

???????????????????????????????As Esmerelda writes at New English Review:

They were not protesting out of concern for the Frenchmen and women killed in Paris last month, keen to show that Islam is indeed a Religion of Peace.

They were not mourning the death of fellow Muslim Muadh al-Kasasbeh, the Jordanian pilot burned alive in a cage last week.

No, they were only concerned about the Charlie Hebdo cartoons.

Their flyer said that they are devising a legal strategy to “prevent the continuous insulting and derogatory publication depicting and abusing the personality of our Holy Prophet Muhammad pbuh”. They intend to launch a series of legal challenges in the English Court system “to establish that such depictions of our Holy Prophet peace be upon him is the worse kind of ‘Hate Crime’ that can be perpetrated on the 3 million Muslims in the UK….”

You can see allher pictures at the link.

The Daily Mail also has a large write up. Four paragraphs from the end we have this:

The group did express ‘deep regret’ at the Paris terror attacks, insisting the massacre was a ‘violation of Islamic law’.

Which is nice.

Updated: Thanks to Ken we can now show you the threatening speeches video. Don’t worry, English follows the Arabic.

“Stop the world from saying what it wants and you will be safe”

Pass a Sharia law criminalising insults to Mohammad: “only way all people, Britain will be safe”

“you are giving a license to the people, the people on the other side to say this is our freedom of action because of your freedom of speech”


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