Reader Post: Guess Who’s Not Studying In Durban This Semester!


DUT1So… it looks like I won’t be studying at the University of Technology in Durban, South Africa.

And why is that?

Because the Student Representative Council wants the institution’s management to expel the Jewish students, especially those that don’t support the Palestinian cause.  And there I was, and have been told, that it’s not Jeeeeeeeeeeews they have a problem with – it’s Israel!  Gosh darn – what a shock this was!

The student body’s secretary, Mqondisi Duma, was quoted as saying, “We had a meeting and analyzed international politics and we took the decision that Jewish students, especially those who do not support the Palestinian struggle, should deregister.”

How lucky we are in this world that we have such distinguished members of society like Mr Duma, who is probably in the tenth year of his three year degree, analysing international politics, so the rest of us mere mortals don’t have to do it!

All across the world countries are ditching their Foreign Affairs divisions, because Mqondisi Duma, long time student (whose Facebook page says graduated in 2011), and head of the tuck shop division in a small university in Durban, is giving international analysis on the world’s events.

I expect great things from this professional student whose sharp wit and intellectual prowess is shaping the world we know – with insightful thought of clarity.  He has listed as a favourite quote, “If you want to win a race you must see yourself winning in advance”.  Brilliant!  Of course, the rest of the quote mentions that you probably have to turn up to the race first.  Hmmm… could be the reason I’ve lost my last few – I was lying in bed imagining it instead.

Nevertheless, it is important that we have people like Mqondisi Duma in the world – for no other reason than it makes the rest of us look so good!

So let it be known that if you do not support the destruction of Israel, the expulsion of the Jews, the fabricating of history, the exultation of suicide bombers and murders, you will not be welcome at the University of Technology in Durban – the birthplace of the World conference against Jews, although they called it the World Conference against Racism.

Unfortunately for Mr Duma, the University of Technology will not be adopting his resolution despite his in-depth analysis of global events.  Perhaps he should have adopted another one of his favourite quotes, this time from Lenin: Learn, learn learn!

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