Uri Orbach: 1960-2015

Uri Orbach, a husband, father, children’s book author and former journalist, aged 54, has died from a blood disease in a Jerusalem, Israel, hospital.

In the 18th Knesset, Uri Orbach served as Deputy Speaker. In the 19th Knesset, elected as a member of the Jewish Home political party, he served as Pensioners Affairs Minister.

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Uri (third from right)

Uri Orbach stood with other Israeli ministers to greet Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Uri Orbach with rabbis

Uri Orbach sat for a group photo after spending Shabbat with Rabbi Stav and Rabbi Ariel and other Tzohar rabbis.

Uri Orbach

Uri Orbach took time to listen.

It is always sad when a young person dies. Seems such a loss, a talented man who could have accomplished so much more.

The traditional Jewish expression Baruch dayan ha’emet – bless Judge of the Truth – is said when hearing of a death. It is especially appropriate at times like this.

Uri Orbach will be missed by many.


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