Adventures In Photo Captioning: UK Independent (Updated)

There is an article about a truly vile “Nationalist, Fascist and supporter of White Rights” in today’s UK Independent, a notoriously anti-Israel paper. Or should I say anti-Zionist? Cough cough.

A prominent, far-right activist who styles himself as a “Nationalist, Fascist and supporter of White Rights” has been arrested following a police investigation into anti-Semitic tweets sent to a Member of Parliament.

Joshua Bonehill’s arrest follows allegations of online abuse aimed at Luciana Berger, Labour MP for Liverpool Wavertree. Ms Berger revealed in December that she had received 2,500 anti-Semitic tweets in just three days.

As of right now the top of the article looks like this:

Organiser of anti-Jewish rally arrested over anti-Semitic tweets to Labour MP - Crime - UK - The Independent - Top

Just for reference of the Independent’s photo editor’s desk, this is what Joshua looks like (from his twitter feed):

Joshua Bonehill twitter

I will agree that Luciana Berger is much prettier and makes your article much more attractive, but perhaps you should note that in the caption under the photo.

Update 18 Feb: Strangely it seems the Independent has fixed the caption but only on the mobile site. The desktop is still giving me the old one.

Luciana Berger caption Independent comparison


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