Shocking Truth About Israeli Elections: Electoral Apartheid


With a week left until Israeli elections, ridiculous animated videos, negative campaign ads and media attacks have been flying fast and furious. Many are so absurd they are offensive.

“Investigative journalists” have checked accounts down to the money on return deposits of old bottles.

But how many in Israel or abroad know who is the chairman of the Central Election Committee for this Israeli election?

The person in charge of this election for the 20th Israeli Knesset,

image Israeli supreme court Arab judge Salim Jouran

is Israeli Supreme Court Justice Salim Joubran. Not only is there a joint Arab list running for seats in this election, there is an Arab Judge in charge of it!

No, it is not really shocking. If you live in Israel, or know the truth instead of believing narratives it is no big deal.

The mainstream media does not seem to think Justice Salim Joubran speaking about democracy and democratic voting is important information to share.

Guess that is not shocking either.

What does not fit media spin is not reported.

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