Male Model Joins ISIS In Bad Career Move

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A Melbourne man who abandoned a modelling career to fight with ISIL militants in Syria has been shot dead, reports say.

Sharky Jama’s father..

Sharky Jama?








..Dada Jama,

His father is Dada? Naturally.



..told an SBS radio broadcaster that he had received the news over the phone Monday from someone in Syria who knew his son.

“He was told by his friends,” Radio Somali presenter Ibrahim Mohamed told SBS.

“He got a text message and he received a phone call from Syria, someone has told him his son has passed away.

“Then he said ‘I tried his number’, because he has contact with his son.

“Automatically, it goes to voicemail, that’s what he said, and then he knew that his son is gone.”

Jama’s family have posted online that he died a martyr, a desire he had spoken of previously online.

“When I am asleep, I dream of jannah (Paradise), when I am awake I fight to see its gates and when I am in sujood (prostration) I pray for protection from the blazing fire,” he wrote.

“Rest in peace my handsome lil cousin!” Relative Habiba Warsame wrote on Facebook.

sharky jama after


“All them beautiful memories and time we shared I shall keep dear to my heart.

“May Allah bless your soul and enter you jannat al-firdows (the superior paradise).”

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade have not confirmed the death but have issued the following statement:

“Australians who become involved in overseas conflicts are putting their own lives in mortal danger.

“Any Australians fighting with non-state militia in Syria or Iraq should end their involvement in the conflict now and leave the conflict zone.”

Jama had been earlier linked to Sydney street Dawah preacher Abdul Salam Mahmoud and self-styled sheik Junaid Thorne.

It is understood he had been based in the Iraqi city of Fallujah earlier this year.

Jama changed his name and became deeply religious after travelling through Europe.

Previously he had modelled and was frequently pictured online smiling in night spots with women.

I guess he figured he could meet more women (say, 72 of them) after “martyring” himself.

Omar Borkan Al Gala and Ahmed Angel were unavailable for comment.


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