The Batman’s Female Dinner Guest And The Art of Fuzzy Oblivion


As I recently posted, a couple of people who look familiar were recently in Israel, and met with The Batman.

Ok, I know they are, but I am so unimpressed with their behavior (and how the woman became famous to begin with), I did not want to give them more publicity.

But a Charedi website has gone further, photo shopping the woman – Kim Kardashian – out of a photo. Twice.

The ultra-Orthodox website “Kikar HaShabbat” doctored a photograph of the famous couple in a Jerusalem restaurant to hide Kardashian not once, but twice in an article published on Tuesday. Once, her image was covered up by a restaurant bill superimposed onto the picture – in another – she was pixilated into fuzzy oblivion. Even her name was not published in the newspaper – she was referred to only as “singer Kanye West’s wife” – all in the name of extreme modesty.

kim kardashian pixelated

barkat kim kanye

I have heard of getting billed but this is ridiculous.

Which begs the question: where was that dinner bill or pixelation when we really needed it?

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