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Batman Goes After UNRWA

Could we be witnessing the future Prime Minister of Israel?

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises…To Take a Photo With the New US Embassy Street...

The mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, aka The Batman, posted this today

WATCH: Make Israeli-USA Relationship Great Again

Israel’s Batman has a message for Superman.

WATCH: Nir Barkat Thinks Donald Trump WILL Move The Embassy To Jerusalem

"Jerusalem is the center and the heart and soul of the Jewish people"

Quentin Tarantino Having A “Fantastic Time” In Israel

The actor and director is here for the Jerusalem Film Festival

J Street Columbia Falsely Accuses Mayor Nir Barkat of Incitement

They are about as pro-Israel as I am the Queen of England

Batman Shouted Down By San Francisco State University Students

Freedom of speech is just another of the rights the Israel haters want to deprive us of.

Batman V: The Dark Knight Revives

Jerusalem Mayor continues to righteously kick your mayors' butts. All of them.

Batman IV: The Truth About RONI

I have no idea where you live or who your mayor is. But I am sure Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat kicks his butt
Jerualem mayor BArkat and Amd Dore Gold

Evil Wind of Religious Intolerance

Evil wind of religious intolerance blowing this way.

Batman III: A Dark Night

Our mayor kicks your mayor's ass.

A (Jerusalem) Night At The Opera

In which Varda sees her first opera, thanks to RealJ.


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