Alls Well That Ends Well: Ben Gurion Emergency Over


Shortly after a take off this morning from Ben Gurion, ground staff noticed pieces of an airplane’s wheel on the runway. The flight in question was an El Al (or actually the spin off low fare variant UP) flight to Prague.

The flight was recalled and flew a few low passes over the airport with the gear down so a visual inspection could be made.

Other traffic gets shunted into a holding patter out to sea:

Then the plane dumped its fuel. This is a highly annoying part of modern aviation emergencies but there really is no alternative. You really don’t want to land one of these planes with a full fuel load even if your undercarriage is perfect, landing heavy is very bad news.

This is the plane on landing:

Here’s the plane attended to by fire trucks (to cool off the remaining wheels).


And there you have it. Everything is fine.

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