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Only In Israel: You Had One Job!

Travelers in need of the loo get the high sign at Ben Gurion Airport.

Hamas Does Not Target Civilians

"Civilian" is loosely defined.

Alls Well That Ends Well: Ben Gurion Emergency Over

LY2521 flight from Ben Gurion, Israel to Prague has to return to the airport.

5 Viral Misquotes Anti Israel Groups Need To Stop Using

It is scientifically proven that if you quote a famous person by putting text on their picture, it becomes true.
This is not Ben Gurion Airport. The remains of a burnt airplane is pictured at the Tripoli international airport in the Libyan capital on July 16, 2014

Two States For Two Peoples Is Dead

Absent an effort to “de-Islamize” in line with the denazification of Germany, there isn’t a snowball’s hope in hell of trusting these people with a state.

Racial Segregation Has No Right To Exist

But you can be sure which type of racial segregation Ha’aretz was not talking about.

Ben Gurion’s Brilliant Answer To Mr. Dulles’ Question

Find 10 American children and ask them the following:


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