Drew Brown of OneRepublic Really Loves Israel

The rhythm guitarist of the band OneRepublic, Drew Brown, has given one of the most undeniably pro-Israel interviews I have heard by a celebrity or artist in a long time. (The other being David Draiman, also done by Voice of Israel)

Mottle Wolfe of Voice of Israel gives the interview and asks him about his experiences here in the country. But what I loved most about this interview is at 8:15 where Wolfe directly asks Brown if Roger Waters called him and he gives this reply:

I’m grateful (Roger Waters) didn’t call me although I really would’ve liked to give him a piece of my mind.

Listen to the whole thing here.


Also for your viewing pleasure, some OneRepublic tweets.

Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to the show due to it being sold out, but rock on guys!

Update: Lahav Harkov is live tweeting some very nice things from the band at the show.



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