Gazza’s Panic Attacka


Poor Gazza.

Paul Gascoigne has revealed he used to get paranoid when Gaza was mentioned on the news.

The ex-footballer, known as Gazza, would think it was another negative story about him.

Speaking ahead of a new documentary about his life, he said: “Sometimes it’s got to the stage now where I hate Saturday nights, because jack s*** knows what’s coming in the papers on Sunday.

“I tell you what was the worst one, the Gaza Strip. You know the term the Gaza Strip, remember that? That was murder for me.

“I’d be sitting there having a shave and that, and the news would come on, ‘And the Gazza…’, and I’d be like, ‘What’s that?!’, and I realised it was the Gaza Strip. I couldn’t wait for that to end.”

It has ended? I must have missed the memo.

But I feel for Gazza. A few quick Google searches reveal many are guilty of confusing the spellings.

Even I have perpetuated the confusion, albeit due to the limitations of a typing-generated voice.

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