Flotilla-holes Pathetic “Aid” To Gaza


I have to admit it’s fun making fun of the flotilla-holes intercepted before they got to Gaza. But there’s also the serious point that bears reminding: these are people with the illest of intentions.

Case in point: they claim they were bringing aid to the people of Gaza.

About that:

Afterwards, Israel’s defense minister Moshe Yaalon said, “there was no aid on board” the activist ship.

Not necessarily so — but pretty close. We checked. You decide.

Members of the Gaza flotilla organization — which sent four boats, three of which turned around before arriving in the vicinity of Israel — have repeatedly said the vessel that was stopped, Marianne, was carrying humanitarian aid for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

Asked to provide some evidence of the humanitarian aid, Ann Ighe, a member of the Freedom Flotilla Coalition sent this photograph:

flotilla cargo

The Gaza activitists said the larger cardboard box contains a solar panel, donated by a Swedish magazine, ETC, which also runs an “environmentally-friendly electricity company.” The panel was bound for Al-Shifa hospital inGaza City.

Ighe said the Swedish Association of Midwives also donated a nebulizer, a machine used to inhale medicines, often used to calm asthma attacks. That is the small cardboard box.

“Last but not least,” Ighe said, “the boat is cargo in herself, bound to be donated to a fishermen’s organization in Gaza.”

Alternatively, perhaps I am being unkind. Maybe the cargo started off really large, and just shrunk in the cold water.

Mira, it’s all your fault.

Update: Perspectiva points out the ridiculousness of sending one solar panel to Gaza, given there has already been a project that provided Al-Shifa hospital with enough.

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