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Israellycool Retro Video: Mocking The Flotilla-holes

A look at Israellycool videos of old

WATCH: Mocking the FlotillA-holes: Summer of 2018 Edition

Where I take their "martyr" videos and have some fun with them

FlotillA-Holes Accuse IDF of Violence Yet Can’t Keep Their Story Straight

Israel haters on board have complained of violence, but once again, the differing accounts don't add up

Women’s Boat To Gaza Carrying Nothing But Liars To Be Intercepted

Their story does not hold water

Singin’ The Flotilla To Gaza Blues

Crimea river

WATCH: Mocking The Flotilla-holes: Basel Ghattas

Because mocking hypocrites who embolden terrorists is the least we can do

Flotilla-holes Pathetic “Aid” To Gaza

Further proof of their ill intentions

WATCH: Mocking The Flotilla-holes: Herman Reksten

The second video in my series mocking the flotilla-holes' "martyr" videos

Boatus Interruptus! Flotillaholes Intercepted

The nincompoops have been stopped from getting to Gaza in a most excellent way

“Aid” Ship To Gaza Missing One Important Element

Well, what do you know
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