Waze “Terminated”


Navigation application Waze – sold to Google in 2013 – is a huge deal here in Israel. It seems everybody with a vehicle uses it (I can’t speak for people in countries outside of Israel – maybe readers can help me there).

Recently, Arnold Schwarzenegger lent his voice to the app as Terminator Genisys, so people like me who choose this setting get to hear things like the following when driving around in our cars:

There are some real classics not caught on these videos, like:

“Hazard reported ahead. Get down!”

“There’s traffic up ahead. I see everything.”

And my favorite:

“At the roundabout, take first exit. Human.”

I would personally like more Arnie voices – and not just as the Terminator – so we could hear things like:

“You better drive good for goodness sake!”

“Why are you driving and not exercising or do something else?”

So if you have Waze and was not aware of this setting, check it out now. I insist.

And don’t thank me, I’m a giver.

Thanks to my friend Shoshana for reminding me I had to do this post, which I keep getting inspired to do every time I drive somewhere.

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