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BDS Fail of The Day: Boycott SodaStream Flashmob Edition

Oh, how I have waited so long for one of these BDS flash mob videos!

Because, quite simply, they are so hilariously bad. And this one is no exception

Besides the usual off-key singing, terrible dancing and atrocious acting, you also get treated to a woman smacking her ass, and a BDSHole you may recognize from this classic.

Warning: Naq-bra alert.

Hat tip: Gidon Shaviv & Mirabelle

33 thoughts on “BDS Fail of The Day: Boycott SodaStream Flashmob Edition”

  1. My jaw dropped to my knees when they were complaining that Israel didn’t provide water infrastructure to unrecognized Bedouin villages.

    That’s what Israel was trying to do with the Prawer plan that you all screamed was “ethnic cleansing” you f**king assholes!

    OTOH, the bouncing boobs were funny. As were the bouncing mammaries.

    1. Im sitting at an auto shop waiting room and didn’t want to play this with volume on, so I just got the bouncies, no bullsiht about water… did they cover the lost jobs?

    2. i can show you hundreds of villages in amerca that are off the grid and that will never get any infrastructure built….because they are illegal

    1. Bathsheva_Gladstone

      Oy, they’re a bunch of queers. Which, nothing wrong with that, but they should go live in an arab country and go about the business of “living out loud”. Somebody should tell them to stay away from cranes and other high above the ground structures.


      1. angry dykes

        would like to buy them all a one way ticket to gaza and lets see how long they last parading there dykiness in gaza city

  2. yeah, celebrate all those poor palestinians that BDS put out of work when sodastream moved to Beersheba. It’s so weird how hatred of a nation makes the haters shoot themselves in the foot. Oh yeah, and the Bedouins might have water if they built with permits that would allow them to hook up to water. When you plop your villas in the middle of nowhere and don’t pay taxes, you have no right to ask for free water. The world is insane.

    1. ahad_ha_amoratsim

      It was never about helping the ‘Palestinians’, it was always about sticking it to the Jews.

    2. Norman_In_New_York

      I wouldn’t say that the BDSholes are shooting themselves in the foot. They are pointing the gun a little higher.

  3. ahad_ha_amoratsim

    Worth watching to the end, where she says the BDS movement is healthy! Funnier than a drunken simile.

  4. Ok, right at the beginning before they even start singing, the woman says, “PALESTINIANS are calling for a boycott of Israeli products.” Umm no. No they are not. Many average Palestinians have stated that BDS actually harms them more than it helps them. So let’s stop pretending that this is actually for them.

    1. ahad_ha_amoratsim

      It was never about helping them. It was always about destroying Israel, and get even with the Jews for existing.

  5. Boycott the BDS boycotters, the most unprofessional actors ever seen. They know nothing about Israel they just spout lies and spread hate and of course get paid for it. They are not in support of Palestinians just haters of Israel, the only democratic country in the Middle East.

  6. Isn’t Adalah the organization that works for the so-called “right” of return (to Israel) for Palestinians?

  7. filthy jew hating yentas

    israel steals rain water from ramalah

    israel has no right to determine where cities/towns can be formed (a right given to all other nations/states)

    if any of this crap goes on in a target and im shopping there….im going straight to jail…cuz im gonna go medieval on their fugly arses

  8. Soda Stream could move to the moon and these people would still be on the rampage.. But regardless, in Judea, the Negev or on the moon, there is one common point. It is this point that the bds crowd are really against.

  9. I’m still not totally convinced that this is real …these people are actually that stupid? Oy ve, well I guess that’s not such a bad thing, if they were smart I might worry.

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