Fail! Pro-Palestinian Company Admitting Jewish Ties To Israel


A Twitter user by the name of @koshergrmetmart has noticed the following product.

palestinian goods

It seems to come from a company called Canaan Fair Trade, which is clearly promoting products from the palestinian-controlled territories.

Canaan Fair Trade is social entrepreneurship firm dedicated to artisan quality products based in Jenin, Palestine. The company sources its agricultural food products from a network of 49 cooperatives organized in the Palestine Fair Trade Association with the membership of over 1700 farm families. Canaan products are certified fair trade, most are USDA organic, and are found at specialty and organic shops across the US and Europe. Canaan’s olives and olive oil are highly prized and extra appreciated for the wider impact they have on the producers’ communities through fair trade practices.

Canaan-USA is a sister company of Canaan Fair Trade-Palestine. We are staffed by group of dedicated professionals with extensive experience and committed to servicing Palestinian farmers. We distribute Canaan branded product in the USA. We sell to community organizations, food coops, and gourmet and specialty stores in the US.

So what’s so interesting about this? Well, look at their marketing pitch again:

From the Farms of Palestine in The Land of Milk and Honey

“The Land of Milk and Honey” is the term used to describe the land of Israel in the bible/Torah. It is first used when G?d spoke to Moses at the burning bush, and informed him that He would redeem the Israelites and bring them to a “good and spacious land, a land flowing with milk and honey.”

In other words, this very term refers to G-d’s promise of the land of Israel to the Jewish people!

In contrast, the name “Palestine” is mentioned nowhere in the Bible/Torah. It was first used in 5th century BCE Ancient Greece when Herodotus wrote of a “district of Syria, called Palaistinê.”

So thank you Canaan Fair Trade, you’ve acknowledged something very important, although I suspect your marketing guy is going to be fired real soon.

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