Israellycool Blocked And Unblocked By EE In The UK

ee_censor Edgar DavidsonLast summer I tried complaining to EE (one of the UK’s leading cellphone companies) when I was in the UK as I’d bought an EE sim and was shocked that Israellycool was blocked.

They seemed to have absolutely no facility for unblocking and were clueless on the phone as to what I was talking about. They didn’t understand that I was both a customer of their phone service and a blocked website owner.

What I believe is that they’re subscribing to one of the (many) sites that provide monitoring. These are prone to being gamed by the other side. It’s hard to know which list they’re using and very annoying.

Edgar Davidson is on this case now, if you’re in the UK and can help with lobbying please get in touch.

On 3 August I reported on EE’s censoring and blocking of pro-Israel websites on its UK Mobile network, while placing no such restrictions on any vicious anti-Israel sites. Despite having sent several emails to different departments in EE and a letter to Olaf Swantee ( the EE CEO) I have not even received an acknowledgement. And today I can confirm that things have got much worse. It is beyond doubt that a campaign of anti-Israel discrimination is taking place.

Here is what I discovered using EE 3G and 4G mobile network on an iphone with all the default security settings:

The following very popular and important sites are now blocked* whereas they were NOT previously

The following sites were previously blocked and remain blocked:

The following sites were previously blocked but are now unblocked (there was just one I could find):

Read more: Edgar Davidson: Update: Extent of EE’s blocking of pro-Israel websites has got MUCH worse


Brian of London

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