Follow-Up To Mel Gibson-At-Israeli-Film-Festival Story


Last week, I interrupted my holiday to post that Mel Gibson was back in the news for apparently abusing someone – after exiting an Israeli film festival.

Alas, it appears this is not what happened. He apparently abused someone after exiting a French film that finished around the same time as the Israeli one.

mel gibsonI recently got the gig of running the AICE Israeli Film Festival, now playing at Palace Verona cinema. It’s a mixture of 30 films straight from the Holy Land. But it appears the Holy Land was visited by the Antichrist, in the form of Mel Gibson this week, even if he did get there by mistake.

It seems he bought a ticket for a current release Far From Men, a war story set in Algeria. His session ended at exactly the same time as one of our films, Matti Caspi — Confession, about an Israeli rock star, who fell out of love with the Israeli public and was exiled to live in California. What a coincidence.

I am sure Mel is happy I cleared this up. Would not want his reputation taking a hit thinking he would attend an Israeli film.

Which is what Richard Moore, artistic director for the Australian Israeli Film Festival and the author of the above piece, has invited Mel to do.

Whatever the case, I’m a believer in an open dialogue and that’s why I’ve issued an invitation to him and his girlfriend to come to the festival in peace. Any film you want to see over the next week — we run until August 30th — please come and be our guest.

Time to stop the hatred. Come to Camp, Mel — we would love to meet you.

Will Mel take Richard up on this offer? He has done crazier things.

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