Photo of the Day: Hansen House Starting Up


Five years ago, I went inside the gates of Hansen House. It was deserted, run down and dreadful. In 1887, the Protestant community in Jerusalem had built a leprosy asylum. Over the years it had become run down and was closed.

Oh, how things have changed.

Inside Hansen House for start up event

Renovations on the large structure to be used as a new culture and technology center in Jerusalem, Israel, are not completed.  However, tonight the inner courtyard was filled with people to see and hear the finalists of a StartUp Open competition.

  • Frank Mobile App allows users to give and get back constructive, anonymous feedback from friends.
  • Guide In Medical a new Intubation device identifies & navigates into the trachea in difficult situations.
  • InnerEye has visual target detection capabilities by combining the human brain and computer vision.
  • Lishtot is a water quality testing technology and device for answering the question “to drink or not to drink?” in real time.
  • PlayClay is a platform, which enables the creation of various games and applications for direct and intuitive 3-D modeling of soft materials.
  • SmartLogic maximizes industrial machine up-time by “listening” to machines and predicting future failures.

All the presentations were fascinating. Start Up Nation and amazing technology in the Old Hansen Hospital, with Wifi and more.

I love the old and new of Jerusalem.

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