David Sheen’s Latest Ridiculous Libel Of Israelis

Yesterday, Israel hater and toilet stall loiterer David Sheen tweeted this:

It was naturally retweeted by the who’s who of Israel-hating scum, including Sheen’s partner-in-harassment.

blumenthal retweet

Anyone who knows Hebrew and Israeli culture knows Eitan is a popular Hebrew name, and has been for a long time. Way before Operation Protective Edge. Of course, facts have no place in the world of Sheen and his cohorts like Blumenthal.

But speaking about Israeli boy names:

The most popular baby names of the year in Israel were Muhammed and Tamar, the Population and Immigration Authority announced, according to Channel 2.

Not bad for a supposed ethnic cleansing State.

(hat tip: Nurit)

2 thoughts on “David Sheen’s Latest Ridiculous Libel Of Israelis”

  1. ahad_ha_amoratsim

    Eitan of course translates into English as Ethan. Are they saying that the leader of the Green Mountain Boys some 250 years ago was an Islamaphobic Zionist?

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