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Ali Abunimah CJ Werleman

Where Antisemites Collide: Ali Abunimah vs CJ Werleman

Jew-haters Ali Abunimah and CJ Werleman are at each other's throats on Twitter, with Max Blumenthal joining in on the fun

Israel Haters’ Reactions To Syrian Gas Attack On Civilians Speak Volumes

This should tell you all you need to know about these people

BDS-Holes Don’t Just Hate Israel…They Also Hate The US

One of often overlooked things about BDS is that they do not just hate Israel

Manufactured Outrage And Max Blumenthal’s Hidden Horror

While social media erupts over a red star, everyone looks the other way when Max spews Jew hatred.

Mocking The Blumenfail

Because it is all too easy.

WATCH: Unhinged Israel Haters And Jew Haters Gone Wild

Violence, hatred and antisemitism on display

Richard Silverstein Becomes Max Blumenthal’s B*tch

Turds of a feather

Israel Hating Idiots Lie Again

The latest anti-Israel libel is going viral.
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