MUST WATCH: Palestinians Answer Question “Is Stabbing Israelis Heroic?”

Corey Gil-Shuster asked palestinians in Hebron the question before the current wave of violence.

Spoiler alert: We shouldn’t expect any Hanukkah cards from them.

11 thoughts on “MUST WATCH: Palestinians Answer Question “Is Stabbing Israelis Heroic?””

  1. hope the stupid leftists watch this

    and gil feeds into the myth that the jews did not originate in the land of israel…shame on him

    1. ahad_ha_amoratsim

      I’m not sure if Gil was feeding into that or just limiting what he was going to argue with them about, so as to get more honest answers from them.

  2. ahad_ha_amoratsim

    This video also shows the power of lies and urban legend to incite people to commit murder, or at least justify it. The IDF shot a girl simply for refusing to remove her face veil? Somehow I don’t think so. And does anyone doubt that an international outcry would result, given the world reaction when Israel has killed armed assailants who were in the process of attempting to murder people?

  3. In his speech yesterday, Bibi got closer to the root cause.

    This won’t be solved until muzlims are confronted with this.

    mohammed designed islam as a
    replacement and superior ‘religion’.
    He did this because allah ‘told him’ that
    Christianity was corrupt and Judaism extinct.
    Ergo, the very existence of living breathing
    Jews and Christians (forget even about Israel….)
    calls into question the ‘perfect and unchangeable’ koran
    and it’s main spokesperson, mohammad.

    In the koran, this is blasphemy, the penalty is death.
    Hence, continual warfare against Jews and Christians
    is required of all muzlims.

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