It All Started When Israel Fired Back

It all started when Israel fired back: that’s the classic line that serves as the foundation of Honest Reporting. Israel and Jews under attack are not news: only when Jews defend themselves is it news. The current round of Jihad attacks, probably counting from the heinous murder-execution, in front of four horrified children, drew almost no media attention outside of Jewish and Israeli sources until a few Palestinian terrorists were shot. That act happened on Thursday 1st October at 9pm.

It wasn’t the first act and, as I’ve pointed out, this is all just the same old Jihad Jews have always faced.

And it’s ongoing now with multiple attacks per day by knife wielding terrorists on unsuspecting civilians of soldiers. StandWithUs are mapping the attacks.

And very little of this made the news in the rest of the world. Those of you who watch this kind of thing should know there were only going to be two circumstances that would cause the foreign press to give this story anything more than a passing mention:

  1. A Jew does something crazy and hurts some Arabs;
  2. Israel retaliates in such a way that than an emotional response can be twisted out of it.

This is how it always is. We got number one on Friday morning when a 17 year old Jewish kid (who has been in trouble with his school) stabbed four Beduin Arabs in the southern city of Dimona and was stopped by the guard outside his school shooting in the air. This was what I tweeted right after the news broke:

And right on cue the world’s media pilled on. Today we will be looking at one of the nastiest newspapers in the UK. The Independent. All of the six Palestinians killed in the headline below were engaged in attacks on Jews or were storming the fence trying to get from Gaza into Israel.

Here’s one being buried in Gaza with full terrorist military honours.

Of course there was an element of point 2 going on as well: why do Israeli police and soldiers have to fatally shoot people armed with a knife? I’m not going to embed the next video but you can see it on the linked page. In El Salvador, a knife-wielding maniac killed one police officer and seriously injured three others in a matter of seconds, even though all the cops had guns. Of course our police are right to value their own lives above that of knife wielding terrorists.

On Saturday night we got an even better emotional hook to hang on. While a lot of Israel was watching the Euro 2016 qualifier between Israel and Cyprus (played in Jerusalem), Hamas did this:

Ashkelon is a huge city. Running for shelters is terrifying.

And so, later that night, Israel bombed Hamas terrorist targets. Hamas sources in Gaza quickly put out that a pregnant woman and her baby were killed in the strike. This has still not been confirmed by any outside sources. The single source of the information is the terrorist organisation that runs Gaza. And this is what it generated from The Independent, the front page of their site on mobile and the story when you click through.

Indipendent kills israelis

This is the same site that declared the stabbings of Jews (who are in hospital or dead) as “alleged” stabbings! There’s no “allegedly” when it comes to Palestinian sources.

How many ways is the headline “Israel kills pregnant mother and her baby in revenge attacks” bad? I can scarcely begin to count. The WHOLE of Israel is responsible? Not even the IDF or Israelis. Kills is the active verb: deliberately. It’s like screaming that the Prime Minister ordered the air force pilot to fly straight to Gaza and find a pregnant woman to terminate right then and there so that the whole country could get “revenge”.

I just don’t have the energy to dissect this further. It lead me to an emotional Facebook outburst (too foul mouthed to share here) but the gist of it is, these are the headlines we get when we are so careful and trying so hard to be seen to be the good guys. We can’t win the this game of trying to make Jew haters like us.

As another Brian said on my post: “If we’re doing the time we may as well do the crime.”

And while I posted that I’d just finished watching a dramatisation of the resolution of the hijacking of the Sabena flight. Which we sorted out by putting bullets in the heads of most of the hijackers.

We have to be strong, ruthless and win. For ourselves. We have to answer to our own very high moral code and Hashem. We do not answer to Obama, the EU or the UN.


Brian of London

Brian of London is not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy. Since making aliyah in 2009, Brian has blogged at Israellycool. Brian is an indigenous rights activist fighting for indigenous people who’ve returned to their ancestral homelands and built great things.