Reader Post: Controversy In The Wonderful Land of Oz


moshe feiglin“Extremist right-wing homophobe,” crowed the Fairfax press – Australia’s leading leftwing media organisation. This headline was followed by a flurry of mainstream Australian Jewish organisatios issuing statements condemning the visiting “extremist right-wing, homphobic, transphobic, biophobic and misogynist” from Israel.

All of this commotion was in response to a visit to Australia by former Israeli deputy speaker of the Knesset, Moshe Feiglin. Quite suprisingly, this was his first ever visit to Australia – his great-grandfather ( a Chabad chossid whom he was named after), had established the Australian Jewish community in the early part of the 20th century.

Curiously the Leftwing press, the ADL and all the major Jewish organisations were eerily silent when visiting imams from overseas and local Australian Islamic leaders were inciting the murder of Jews and gays and the subjugation of women. Ironically, around the same time of the Feiglin visit, the local Islamic community held a two-day work shop on an Australian university campus that had imams preach hatred against Jews, Christians and gays and also gave tips on how to beat one’s wife – all of which would make a Moshe Feiglin type look like a Bay Area hippie in comparison.

Is it any wonder that in the past month, Australian Jewish schools and synagogues have had to employ armed guards for the first time? But of course, there were no condemnations and no chest pounding from Leftwing media outlets, gay lobby groups and Jewish organisations – just silence.

Introduction aside, I would now like to present a bullet point summary below of a talk that Feiglin delivered to the Chabad community of Melbourne yesterday.

  • Instead of being proud of their heritage and connection to the land, the Israeli establishment is overall concerned with PR (“Hasbara”) – i.e. having to “explain” themselves to the entire world.
  • Rather than proclaim that G-d have us the Land of Israel, the establishment opts to stress that Israel only exists because of the Holocaust and antisemitism and is subsequently there to prevent the Holocaust from happening again.
  • Rather than take all visiting world leaders and dignitaries to the Temple Mount and other Holy sites- they first take them to the pseudo-temple mount – i.e. Yad Vashem.
  • As part of their “Hasbara” the Israelis also place too much emphasis on the need to “explain” to the world that we are defending our selves against terrorists who use human shields. And all of this comes at the expense of our dignity and why we are really here.
  • He likened the situation to a squatter who forcibly enters into your home. Naturally you would kick the squatter out – but in Israel’s case they invited him in to camp out in the living room (which he compared to the Temple Mount) whereas the Israelis decided to stay hidden in the kitchen (which he compared to Tel Aviv). Over time, from the living room the squatter could rightfully claim and take over the entire house to himself.
  • From the perspective of the entire world- yes, while they agree that the squatter might not be a nice guy and commits crimes (such as using human shields and executing gays), but the house rightfully belongs to him. And what would be a better proof than your allowing him to stay in the living room (which is an admission on Israel’s part that the entire house belongs to the squatter.)
  • Feiglin pointed out that there was no coincidence that Oslo accords is 20 years old and all of the terrorists that carried out attacks in the past week are around the same age as the accords – as they grew up in an era where Israel gave land away (thus “admitting” that they stole the entire land from the Arabs).
  • As a result, the Oslo accords has incited an entire Arab generation to violence- and we are a reaping the fruits of the Oslo today.
  • He claimed that the theory of the “demographic threat” (I.e. that the Arabs will out number the Jews in Israel should Israel hold on to the territories) is a myth that has been widely debunked. He claimed that Jewish women are having more children than Arab women and that in 15 years will make 80% of the entire population of Israel and Judea and Samaria.
  • On how to deal with Arab population- he claimed that according to surveys conducted by the Arabs themselves, a majority of them want to leave Gaza, Judea and Samaria and go to Europe and North America.
  • As a result, Israel should give them economic assistance and incentives to leave. Arabs who want to stay would be allowed to stay should they pledge allegiance to Israel whereas the Arabs who are hostile and want to wage war should be kicked out.
  • Judea, Samria and Gaza should be subsequently annexed to the State of Israel.
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