Aussie Dave’s Poster Time: ‘Executed’ Terror Boy

5 thoughts on “Aussie Dave’s Poster Time: ‘Executed’ Terror Boy”

    1. All washed down with Israeli beer!


      I once showed a Muslim friend a bottle of Israel-made hard liquor, with a label written in Arabic. “One swig and you’re no longer Muslim!” is what I said. He laughed. He was more fascinated by the bottle being labelled in Arabic than with anything else.

  1. Just watched Prime Minister Netanyahu address the foreign press (and some Israelis, too) and this case was prominently presented. Someone from the BBC asked Bibi if he was willing to meet with Abbas in order to resolve the current crisis and move forward on peace talks and I thought he was going to leave the podium and go into the crowd and punch the reporter in the face. He got really, really agitated at the question.

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