Hey Siri, How Many Murders Is That In France

Israel was hit very hard yesterday with terror attacks. Two dead in Tel Aviv (in the building my uncle was working in) and three dead in Gush Etzion (and I’ve lost count of the number of people I know who were personally connected to those killed). Because terrorism here is personal. We are all interlinked here.


Hey Siri population of France divided by IsraelThat’s 7 weeks in Israel. France has a population roughly 8 times the size of Israel, so here are the numbers again if Israel was the size of France.

128 murdered
1384 wounded
160 in serious condition
528 stabbings
64 car rammings
64 shootings.

I personally don’t need the world’s sympathy. I personally believe we have far too much attention paid to what goes on in Israel by the world. I don’t think we matter so much.

Except in one way: Jews are the number one target of Islamic hate and Jihad rage. A pretty cursory reading of Islamic theology knows this. But as they showed in Paris, they can and will invent an excuse to kill anyone who isn’t their kind of pious Muslim. We Jews in Israel are just their biggest target because our existence is the biggest affront to their faith. If they ever succeeded in crushing us, the rest of the world is next.

What we don’t need from the world is the incessant and completely disproportionate criticism of the very gentle steps we take to keep ourselves safe. Get out of our way and let us fight. We have the highest internal moral standards, not because we know you are all looking, but because that is who we are.

Let us bury and mourn our dead, then let us find and destroy the terrorists and the ideology that sends them and lives next door and sometimes among us.

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  1. Norman_In_New_York

    The world isn’t going to change as long as it can persecute Jews with impunity. That is why I proposed sometime ago that Israel bring back the Stern Gang and the Irgun. Once unfortunate things start happening to those who target us from afar, there might be a few changes. We also know that the Muslim world at large is in need of an attitude adjustment. What form that will take is best left to those who have more power than me.

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