Terror is Terror, But…

One year after five rabbis were murdered in a synagogue in Jerusalem, Israel, two men are stabbed to death outside a synagogue in Tel Aviv

Hours later, another terror attack in Gush Etzion with more injured and murdered. As many do with relatives in both locations, we rush to check cellphones and Whats App groups. No news is good news. Then, there is the waiting, waiting to see the names, if friends, neighbors or their relatives were the latest victims of terror.

french ambassador Patrick Maisonnave with Netanyahu

Yesterday, French Ambassador to Israel Patrick Maisonnave stood next to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in front of an audience in ballroom of the Jerusalem Waldorf Astoria Hotel. After a moment of silence for victims of terror in Paris, in his speech, Maisonnave said, “terror is terror.”

After the terrorist attack in Paris, main Jerusalem streets were lined with French flags to show support.  When I posted a photo on Facebook, people either loved or disliked it.

Israeli hand French flags after terror attack

Israelis are now waiting for signs of support and understanding, as terror in Israel goes on and on. Arabs are incited to kill Jews on the street, or in a house of prayer.  There is no excuse for murder. “Occupation” is no excuse to kill.

Kay Wilson was the victim of an horrific terror attack. Her Ted Talk is by far one of the most powerful and positive messages I have ever seen.  Her written accounts, both chilling and inspiring. She suffered far more than one wants to imagine, but her response could never be to stab a stranger on the street.

Wow, was what I said after reading Varda’s recent piece. As she so often does, Varda writes what I wanted to express. The Litman-Beigel wedding tragedy. where father and brother of bride were murdered on way to pre-wedding celebration, is turning into a triumph of unity and courage. The Litman-Beigel wedding is rescheduled for Thursday night in Jerusalem. People are sending special wishes from around the world.

But what about the night the original wedding was to take place and had to be cancelled?

The hall was reserved and empty. Then a girls’ school came up with an idea, took over, and off with an amazing project.

wedding hall for Litman Beigel Instead of being set with tables for wedding guests, the hall was set with hundreds of chairs for a special program of prayer, spiritual music and inspirational speeches.

girls at wedding hall

So many women and girls came from around Israel, the hall was over crowded, and groups had to stay outside.

woman at special event instead of Litman Beigel wedding

At the exact time the young couple was to get married, there were tears and sad music instead. But as the night went on, hundreds of women and girls were uplifted and united. That is how Israelis respond to terror, not with violence, but with songs of peace and unity and Am Yisrael Chai.

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin’s official statement after the latest day of terror:

“Our hearts are pained and broken. The pain is the same pain. The mourning is the same mourning in Tel Aviv, in Paris, in the Etzion Bloc, and in the Sinai. The pornography of death is striking across the world. Fundamentalist Islamism is a danger to all free nations everywhere, and we must fight against it unequivocally.

Israel is now waiting for responses of support from world leaders…

Meanwhile, the young bride has invited everyone to their wedding next Thursday night, same location, same hall, and all of Israel is invited to celebrate.

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Am Yisrael Chai!


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